January 18, 2022


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Hautes-Pyrénées: PGHM warns of German rescue of an isolated Englishman in Saint-Lori

Seriously ill Britain was found buried in the snow in his barn this morning, thanks to warnings launched from abroad by his friends and the co-operation of Vignek’s genders.

Found in extremism. The 69-year-old British man, who had lived for ten years in an isolated barn in the Saint-Lorry sector, was rescued on Tuesday by members of the Pierrefitte-Nestalas High Mountain Gendermary Platoon (PGHM). His friends from England.
“At noon, a woman from Germany contacted us,” PGHM’s Gentorum reported. “He spoke French very well and was ordered by English friends to act as a translator, and warned us that they were concerned about the health of a relative. Only the strange sound of his voice and his inability to express himself convinced his friends that something terrible had happened.

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“We had this warning, we know he lived freely in a barn near Saint-Lorry, but not exactly where …”, the rescuer continues. In other words: look for a needle in a haystack! PGHM genders contacted their colleagues from Vignek in the hope that they would find the man they were looking for. And this is a win!
Immediately, Vignek’s Gentlemen made contact with an Englishman who had restored an old sheepfold between Cole de Ported and Lesbon Road ten years earlier. They go there to sort out the suspicions and find the owner’s vehicle parked on the side of the road. Due to the heavy snowfall in the region for several days, it is not possible to walk to the barn alone.


Vignek Gendarmes tells rescuers the exact location of the house. An Air Force helicopter, Saugas 65, with two rescue crews and a doctor from Samu immediately flew to Saint-Lorry. When they get there, they find the old sheepfold buried under the snow and we have to make our way. When they finally entered the house, they saw the man lying on the floor in a semi-conscious state. Apparently, the house had not been heated for several days.
“We do not know when he was in this awkward position,” the rescuer said. It is unknown at this time what he did to cause the fire. When the Samu doctor examines him, he notices that the unfortunate man is hypothermic.

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The drug was given on site before being airlifted to Torpes Hospital, which is thought to be of utmost concern by the UK Medical Council. The feedback we got from the doctors since he came to Dorbase was mixed. He has to pass many exams so we know what happened to him and observe how he will behave in the coming hours. At this point, his main prognosis is still set aside, “said PGHM’s Gentlemen.
Nevertheless, they greet their colleagues at Vignek, and without them they would have had much trouble finding the victim. Christophe Pujol, second-in-command of the Bagnères-de-Bigorre gendarmerie, congratulated all the heroes of the rescue mission for their cooperation between the services and the tasks accomplished. “Gendermary’s DNA is in contact with the population. “