August 12, 2022


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Herald: English pensioner drowns in swimming pool

A couple of octogenarians were found drowned in the swimming pool of their home in Gignac, Hérault. At present, the circumstances of the facts have not yet been clarified.

It is a play set in the villa of an elderly couple at Gignac in Herault. According to MetropolisTwo English octogenarians were found lifeless in their swimming pool between Saturday 30 and Sunday night 31 July.

The bodies of the pensioners were discovered at around 8pm by two friends who had come for dinner at their villa in La Mas de Villetelle. Intrigued by the endogen’s lack of response, the invited couple entered the home and made the gruesome discovery in the apartment’s swimming pool. Despite the intervention of emergency services, resuscitation was not possible.

A privileged crash lane

An investigation was initiated by the Herald Gendarmerie to clarify the circumstances of the facts. Autopsies on the bodies were ordered by the Montpellier District Attorney’s Office to determine the cause and time of both deaths.

So far, the scientific team has not found any suspicious traces of violence at the scene of the tragedy. The hypothesis of an accident is privileged. “One of the spouses who saw the other person drowning came to help him, it is not excluded that he drowned,” a source close to the investigation told our colleagues.

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