June 26, 2022


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“His English teacher is from Ouarzazate”, Manon Marsalt becomes the laughing stock of the web after trying to speak English with his children!

Manon Marsalt, Married Julian Dandy and one of the leading stars of reality TV in France and became Manon Telegraph. Influential today, she is also a mother. They had two children with Julian: Diego and Angelina, who they raise like all reality TV candidates in Dubai. There, we do not know French, so we have to try with English and teach the language to their children who often attend international schools. நபில்லாJazz, Manon Marsalt… They all pose for themselves on social networks Speak English with their children. But if we know that in France we are not very proficient in languages, Manon Marsalt is the best example.

By her accent, she also becomes the laughing stock of the web. In a video posted on the TikTok account of influencer Alex Miguel, we first see the star of “Marseillais” calling his daughter in front of the camera. Influenced by “Angelina War Harpen Come Come My Love”. Immediately, Alex Miguel picks up the camera and asks. “His English teacher is from Ouarzazate“.

The most important thing is to try! In comments, Internet users are bent. “I’m in tears”, “My au pair year in America with Lebanese”, “Even in Ouarzazate we speak better English than that”, Can be read under the video. And we firmly believe that she will have fun too unless Manon takes herself too seriously. Recently she agreed without the wood language Her last cosmetic surgery was a “murder”. Well even his English …

Laura Bertrand

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