May 16, 2022


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Hot-Coron: Do you like to speak English? This Toulouse application will help you

Launched on March 1, Spÿk is an application born in Toulouse that can start conversations in English with a qualified trainer anytime, anywhere.

“I want to offer the opportunity to speak English fluently and flexibly anywhere, anytime,” says Elodie Destruel, founder of the Spÿk application. This English teacher noticed the gaps in learning this language. Oral expression, she wants to overcome.

English, the language that sticks to Elodie’s skin

“Thanks to my teacher who was in sixth grade I started liking English,” says Elody, even though the teachers in her school were not equal. Regardless, the young woman discovered her passion, which she combines with her taste for travel: from Australia to the UK. Until the day her motivation becomes her profession, she will take over the leadership of the World Academy, her first company, the Toulouse Language Training Center. An entrepreneur at heart, Elodie always has new ideas to improve English learning.

Birth of Speak

March 2020, the first imprisonment begins. This is a difficult time for a 43-year-old young woman to experience as a parenthesis from social interactions and exchanges in English. “I wanted to create an app to connect people and connect with them”. After twenty months of production, Spÿk was launched on March 1, 2022. Each contact has an application: one for students (Spÿk Student) and one for teachers (Spÿk Coach).

A new way to learn spontaneously

Once the application is downloaded, the student selects his / her language level or performs a quick test to find out. Depending on their availability, the user can spend up to 30 minutes or an hour discussing the subject of their choice over the phone with a qualified trainer. “No problem, the goal is to make it easier for people to speak English,” says Elodie. Training will be paid for immediately by credit card, PayPal or Gift Voucher, including staff eligible for a personal training account. To guarantee quality, contacts are selected by the training company and can be evaluated by users. Accessible à la carte, the training is also possible in the form of monthly subscriptions: “The key to improving is really organizing”, believes the creator of Spike. This application should be developed in a short period of time to provide training in other languages ​​such as Spanish, Italian or Russian.

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