May 18, 2022


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How to convert Firefox language to English

Like all other browsers, Firefox allows its users to display menus, notifications, messages, and other parts of the Firefox interface in the language of their choice. For example, you can Translate Firefox language to English. Let’s find out how it is done!

How to convert language to English in Firefox

If you have accidentally changed your Firefox language to German, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, this article shows you how to convert that language to English. Follow the list of instructions below.

Launch the Firefox browser and open a new tab in the browser.

Move the mouse cursor to the top right corner of the browser window and click 3 horizontal bars Open the application menu.

Select 4And desire Below to open the browser settings.

When you move to a new window, scroll down The second section I.e., Language and origin.

Then scroll down Third title from above. These are the browser language settings.

Language options

Tap the visible drop-down button under its tab. If the list contains English, select it.

Apply for a resume

Then press Apply and restart The button next to the language entry.

How to convert language to English in Firefox

After restarting the browser, the changes will take effect immediately.

Note that if the English language is not available, you can find it and add it to your browser. Select the last option from the Language drop-down menu. It allows you to search for additional languages ​​and add them to your browser.

That is all that can be said about it. Hope this helps them!

Is Firefox safer than Google?

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Does Firefox belong to Google?

No! Firefox is manufactured by Mozilla Corporation and is wholly owned by the non-profit Mozilla Foundation. It is guided by the principles of the Mozilla Manifesto.

How to convert language to English in Firefox