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IELTS: Why choose and how to pass this English exam

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most popular English language exam in the world for those who want to study, live or work in English speaking countries. The exam assesses the English language skills of the applicants at the written and oral level. Valuable certification is recognized by universities, institutes and institutions around the world.

IELTS: Who is this for?

There are two types of IELTS that respond to different scenarios.

IELTS Academics is for applicants pursuing higher education or employment in an English speaking country.

IELTS General Training is for those who wish to live in Australia, USA, Canada or the United Kingdom and apply for secondary courses, internships or other professional experience abroad.

IELTS: How long is it valid?

IELTS is valid for two years. After this period, the test does not represent the candidate’s current status, which may vary depending on whether the language is used or not.

IELTS: What is the test format?

There are two different formats for taking the test, the paper version or the computer version.

Each test assesses the skills of written expression, verbal expression, written comprehension and oral comprehension and lasts approximately 2h45.

Understanding and oral expression are identical to the experimental tests Academics And General training But the topics for written comprehension and expression tests will vary.

IELTS: How is the test performed?

The oral comprehension section (listening) consists of 4 sections that last 30 minutes and are heard only once each. Applicants have to answer 40 questions in a row in the form of multiple choice questions, abstract, blank sentences etc.

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Written comprehension (reading) lasts 60 minutes and consists of several texts, the nature of which depends on the type of exam (academic or general training). Again, applicants will answer 40 questions in different formats.

During the written expression test (writing) the applicants will have 60 minutes to prepare 2 texts. The nature of the products depends on the type of test selected again (short article, article, letter, etc.). Candidate’s linguistic proficiency, writing ability in English and richness of his vocabulary will be evaluated.

In connection with the oral expression test (speaking), the student will have about fifteen minutes to demonstrate his or her communication skills. He will be asked to answer various questions and express himself in a subject drawn randomly.

IELTS: What is the score?

Marks from 1 to 9 are taken in the IELTS examination and the status of the candidates can be determined. 1 indicates “non-user” and 9 “expert user” status.

Your position is reported on the result sheet with your photo and indicates your overall skills and scores from 1 to 9 (from complete beginner to user with the correct command) for comprehension, written comprehension, written expression and verbal expression. Language). The universities you want to enroll in will let you know what score they need (often out of 6).

How to register?

Registration for the exam is done online or by post. A copy of the IELTS Registration Form and ID should be sent to an examination center. The Examination Center will then send a confirmation letter and invitation along with the examination time and date.

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It should be consulted On the line Exam dates for each center and must be booked in advance.

IELTS Exam Results

Official results will be mailed within 13 working days. A preview of the results will be available online 13 days after the exam and will be available for another 28 days.

Selection center in Paris?

British Council Paris, 9 Rs de Constantine, Paris 75007

In France, you can check out Paris, Lily, Nantes, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nice, Marseille, Piarritz and Lyon.

All records are centralized with the British Council in Paris.

Site info British Council.


The cost of the exam for academics or general training is 224.

Preparation for IELTS exam

Training can be done using the sample tests available for free on the IELTS website. You can choose to prepare with manuals and DVDs. Mobile apps allow you to edit at your own pace using more modern methods.

Practical tests and exam materials (books and DVDs) are available at all specialty bookstores.

Incomplete list of usable books:

– Official IELTS Training Materials Volume 1, Volume 2

– Official Cambridge Guide to Education and General Training IELTS

IELTS: Study?

Language centers and schools around the world offer IELTS courses and IELTS language trips. Investing in the IELTS product course will ensure success on the exam day. Knowing the terms and expectations of different tests can get you 1 or 2 points on the exam day. In addition, product courses offered by specialized schools in the English-speaking country are only useful for your English level. In particular, you can stay in an apartment with a host family or for a complete immersion experience.

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Finally, these products can be funded through your Vocational Training Account (CPF), which can significantly reduce the cost of your stay.

For more information on these training classes and the use of CPF, see the section below

IELTS product Voyage-Language, a site that specializes in language stays. – Phone: 01 84 210 420 – [email protected]

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