May 21, 2022


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Image of French rugby boasting against the British

Fifteen in the Japping World Interview Remi Bonfils: Captain of the French team?

If Eddie Jones wins the gruesome English, it’s only a step away from France’s XV Grail and Grand Slam. It would be nice to win a few months before the 2023 World Cup.

But this final clash of the 6 nations will not be a quake, Matthieu Bastareud knew it and spoke at the RMC for the “Super Moscato Show”:

” The English must always be wary. Apart from the autumn tour, even for a year or two it was a bit complicated for them. They are coming to spoil the party. That’s what they’re waiting for!

However, when asked if he is scared, interested stakeholders openly respond:

“It simply came to our notice then. But hey, they are warriors, fighters, they have pride and glory. This is a good time to calm down critics.


Mattieu Bastareaud commented on Crunch on Saturday night. According to him, he has no fear, but still has doubts about this England team.
Find news of the 6 Nations competition in the Quinze Mondial.

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