May 23, 2022


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In Canada, studying English increases the chances of speaking English in the workplace

According to a study by Statistics Canada, attending an English-speaking company during your higher education will increase your chances of working in English.

The defense of the French language is a daily battle in Canada, and the business world is particularly involved in this fight over the country where the official languages ​​are French and English. As the debate over the amendment of the Official Languages ​​Act (OLA) to allow the maintenance of the French language in the country’s institutions continues to grow, the Moliere language is struggling to impose itself against English in the professional field.

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In fact, bilingualism is required as a condition for hiring 40% of Quebec companies, which is, in the words of Canadian Prime Minister Franois Legalt, an “unacceptable” situation. Canadian Statistical Institute Therefore, it sought to explain the origin of this phenomenon by focusing on the size of companies, their location, and the proportion of foreigners working in groups.

According to the Institute, a variable deserves attention: the language spoken during secondary education. In fact, 48% of graduates from an English-speaking company and those who work in Quebec use almost all English, compared to 4% of alumni of French-language schools. This gap is also significant for individuals with a third mother tongue (Spanish, Mandarin, etc.) who have chosen a career in Quebec.

A “warning” situation for the French

Of the Francophones outside of Quebec, 58% of graduates have a diploma from an English-speaking educational institution and speak a high level of English at their place of residence. Statistical research breaks down the areas in which they work even after graduation. .

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“From study to study, data is very dangerous every time.Says Maxime Laporte, spokesman for the Movement Québec Français. International mail. It’s time to dump her and move on. “. Instead of imposing later standards and quotas on the use of French in public places, offering courses in French as part of their schooling by changing the customs of the Cubs will have a significant impact on the practice of the language in the professional world.