June 26, 2022


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In Hong Kong, foreign English teachers were forced to pledge allegiance to China

Freedom is always reduced a little more Hong Kong. This Saturday, June 11, 2022, the Office of Education said Native English teachers Those who work in a public institution in the Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China must ensure that they are loyal to the city. Basic law (Equivalent to the Constitution), and be accountable to the government.

Refusal to sign this notice before June 21 will be allowed by termination of the contract.

This decision comes at a time when increasing restrictions on independence in the region raise fears of an increase in outflows among foreign academics.

Less and less attractive sector

Native English teachers known as NETs (Mother tongue English teachers), Benefit from a special regime in Hong Kong introduced in 1997, which aims to improve the language skills of primary and secondary students by bringing in foreign teachers.

The latter are employed on the basis of renewable two-year contracts for monthly salaries ranging from 32,000 to 74,000 Hong Kong dollars (ie between 3,875 and 8,962 euros). Market-linked salaries are being paid in addition to government incentives to encourage job retention. .

Since 2020, Hong Kong has begun to use its obligation to remain loyal to the Chinese regime to a growing number of employees, mainly in the public sector. First, government employees were targeted, and in October 2020, and then in May, the duty was extended to all government employees.

Such action is not without effect on the quality of the teaching provided to the students and they too must respond to their ideals. “National Security”And ignore Plenty Titles Opportunity Of To hit The Sensitivity From Rule Chinese.

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