May 16, 2022


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In Nord-Mayenne, these Englishmen set off in a truck to make donations

They are going to go 5,000 kilometers, tour, Coron, up to the Ukrainian border north of the Maine, Poland. Following a widely circulated call on Facebook, these Englishmen collected dozens of donation boxes a week and hit the road at 5am on Tuesday. “We are going to pick up about ten refugees on their way back by this truck, a van and of course a minibus.”Shane Griffiths illustrates the wheel of a 12-ton truck with his co-driver Andy Parkin.

Donations from local businesses to pay for gas

The first was a former soldier, the other a firefighter. They will travel 23 hours and reach the border This truck was borrowed by a couple of English friends. A dozen Englishmen gathered at the Anglo Auto Garage in Coron. At the same time, English and French companies have made financial donations to refuel the road. “A lot of people are trying to get out of Ukraine. Traffic jams near the border can slow us down, so we’ll be back in a week.”Shane Griffiths adds.

The Anglo Auto Garage Group has registered the Facebook group directly on the truck. © Radio France
Maxim Glorious

In a room in the garage, Dozens and dozens of hygiene items, sleeping bags and warm clothesAre ready to be loaded into the truck. “We saw Ukrainians leaving their homes with nothing. I immediately thought of separated families and children trying to survive.”Ali misses Jeffries.

Is English more reactive than Maine?

“Don’t wait for the government or the organization. This can be done alone as we need help now. What if we wait?”, Susan Bains on her side warning. This English retiree did not hesitate even for a secondAnother set, which departed from Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine) and aired by his friend Alison Penn. “I think the French are very nice. But they will not act as quickly as the English, they will be a little ashamed.”Susan Baines, who sees cultural difference in setting collection points, is advancing.

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Shane Griffiths, a former soldier, is set to travel 2,500 kilometers to the Ukrainian border.
Shane Griffiths, a former soldier, is set to travel 2,500 kilometers to the Ukrainian border. © Radio France
Maxim Glorious

English in Coron is twenty years old. First, “English gives life” According to Laura Howard, head of the Twins in Coron, the twins moved to the city with Hailing Island, an island in the south of England near Portsmouth. “In some surrounding cities, we hear more English than French, and we hear more English spoken, which’s a little holiday, well.” This nurse participated in the Anglo Auto Collection by providing medical equipment with her office team.

They are now looking for hosting solutions

The English of Coron are now searching Shelter solutions for Ukrainian refugee families. You can contact them Mayenne53 Ukrainian Refugee Assistance Facebook Group Or by calling Anglo Auto Garage on 09 77 05 87 29.