August 17, 2022


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In Quebec, the law imposing French sows contradictions

Adopted by the Quebec Parliament, Bill 96 specifically provides for the Frenchization of public displays and corporate signs. Andriy Blokhin –

In the face of the conquering English, Belle Province reinforces Molière’s use of the language in commerce.

to Montreal

The language war flared up again In Quebec. It was resumed by the adoption by the Quebec Parliament of Bill 96, “The official and common language of Quebec is French“. A reform of Mythology Law 101 adopted in 1977 to protect the French language, Law 96 aims to prevent the decline of the Moliere language in the province of Belle and to strengthen its use.

According to a study conducted by the Office Quebecois de la Longue Franchise (OQLF),In 2016, 30% of people whose mother tongue was English and 23% of people whose mother tongue was another language said they could not carry on a conversation in French in Quebec.“. The government’s intransigence affects the working environment. In companies with more than 25 employees, it is necessary for employees to speak French when asked.

Francophones usually need to have an Anglophone in a meeting to present in English, but no text is required. That’s it…

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