May 27, 2022


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In Roan, Greta Dunberg said in film and in English by Dunant’s college students

Who was “born” on this “maternity” Tuesday at Henry-Dunant College? Greta Dunberg. The young Swedish environmental activist is at the center of this “English Euro” class short film, under the inspiration of their English teacher, Claire Bruel.

“Since December, we have been working with women who have made an impact in history. We talked specifically about Katherine Johnson, an American physicist, mathematician and engineer who worked at NASA (1). He is a person who can easily identify them, they know her well, they often meet themselves in all media, especially on social networks, they immediately know what they have to say and know what to show them.

“Please in English”

Claire Bruel relied on two partners outside of college to fund the film project: La Rochelle’s Audiovisual Research Fund (FAR) and the Saint-Georges Cultural Association Créa. First available to the college on Tuesday, Benjamin Moore, though known as the Set Technical Technician, will also be in charge of the lengthy editing phase. Créa, for its part, agreed to screen Dunant’s college students’ creation on May 20 as the first part of a film, “A woman’s biography to be sure, but not necessarily historical.”

“Obviously, since this is a” Euro English “group, the idea was that the students would speak English,” said Claire Bruel with a smile. The college students played the game with the help of their teacher and the young Irish language assistant Miret Spaid who was in college this year. “But since the film is being screened, we want as many people as possible to watch and understand it. During the broadcast, there will be subtitles in French,” Claire Bruelle assures.

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In December, Claire Bruel, an English teacher, began writing with her students about the history of women in the “Euro English” section.


Female dominance

Greta Dunberg is much older than Claire Bruele’s students when she caught the eye of the world by protesting against the inaction of world leaders in the face of climate change outside the Swedish parliament in the summer of 2018. This material affects college students closely, being sensitive to environmental issues. Claire Bruel also saw the logic in emphasizing the place of women in history. After all, in this Euro English section, I have 3 boys and 17 girls! ⁇