May 18, 2022


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Britney Spears

Instagram is down for Britney Spears – Billboard

on Wednesday (16 March), Britney SpearsFollowers woke up to a shock: pop the star Instagram The account does not exist anywhere.

It appears that the popular account has been deactivated without warning at some point in the past 24 hours. Recently on Monday (March 14), the singer uploaded a file another touch About motherhood feeding her, admitting she “cry the oceans” because of her now-teen songs, Sean Preston and Jayden James, after years of custody controversies and legal drama.

Spears’ Instagram account has become the go-to platform for the star to share her unfiltered thoughts – along with a steady stream of NSFW Pictures – With nearly 40 million followers following the guardianship period that has dominated her life for the past thirteen years, which ended last fall.


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Since the historic legal victory that granted the singer her freedom last November, she has spoken in unmistakable terms against all of her the father And the MotherJamie and Lynne Spears, to her former management team and my little sisterJamie Lynn Spears.

Earlier this month, another “Toxic” singer took public position Via social media, she vows to bring “justice” to herself. She wrote at the time: “No one should be treated as I was.” “The reason I brought this up is because ending guardianship is a huge deal but come on… that’s it??? They all got away!!! I’m not done yet. I want justice and I won’t stop until something is done for those who hurt me… and yes I was hurt !!!!”

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painting She communicated with representatives of Spears and Instagram.

Meanwhile, only a pop star Occurred A book deal to put her side of the story on paper for the first time in a $15 million tell-all memoir.