June 26, 2022


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Irma Web, English Thriller and Tired Mothers: Our Choice Series

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Notice, masterpiece creation. One of the most glamorous products of the first half of this year, Olivier Assassin, begins airing on OCS this week the serial remake of his own film. Irma Web. For English thriller fans, Landlords Provides an interesting variation on the theme of the murderous couple. Less stimulating but unpleasant, sixth season Working moms Continues the history of the daily lives of overweight women.

“Irma Web”: An art dizziness on the verge of collapse

Irma Webb has been a heroine for over a century Vampires1915 Cinematography soap opera directed by Louis Fuilet. Irma is a child at the end of Web XXe Century. Incarnated as Maggie Seungal, he played the lead role in the 1996 film Oliver Assayas. So, from the dawn of the cinematic era, Irma Webb is at the center of the storm that threatens this art today.

Taking the theme of his film – a French writer doing a remake Fulate With a foreign star (after Alicia Vikander Maggie Cheung) – he makes a series out of it. Or “A picture in eight pieces”, As Vincent McCain said, is the successor to Jean-Pierre Léaud in the role of director René Vidal. The first four episodes of the series were created to interact with Vertigo, who likes all the characters involved in the company. Three-dimensional rhythm that creates images FulateVidal is in the filming series and the adventures of the production make this incarnation of Irma Webb a delicious, funny and gruesome death dance that sets the eternal beauty of an art on the brink of collapse. Thomas Sodinal

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Irma Webb, The series was created and written by Oliver Assais. First episode with Olicia Vikander, Vincent Macaigne, Jeanne Balibar, Nora Hamzawi (United States, France, 2022, 8 × 60 min) at OCS on June 7 at 8:40 pm, followed by one episode each Tuesday.

“Landscapers”: Love over life and death

We will never know what caused the dull and mysterious British couple Susan and Christopher Edwards to kill Susan’s parents, bury their bodies in the garden, empty their bank accounts and victims’ accounts and leave the country. Fifteen years after running, before being preceded by a condemnation. It does not matter LandlordsShort series by Ed Sinclair from a news story that rocked the UK in 2012. In four chapters, Landlords The focus is on clarifying the motives of Susan and Chris, rather than defining their strange relationship with each other.

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