May 16, 2022


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Jay Leno Addresses Will Smith's Slap Chris Rock Oscar 'Annoying' - Deadline

Jay Leno Addresses Will Smith’s Slap Chris Rock Oscar ‘Annoying’ – Deadline

comic and ex Tonight Show Host Jay Leno weighing on will Smith Slapping Chris Rock At the Oscars last month. Leno, who described Smith as a “good guy,” said his most shocking moment came after the slap.

“For me, the most annoying thing was not the slap, because he was kind of smiling after I slapped him. [Rock]lino Tell Palm Beach Daily News this week. “He shrieked obscenities. Then you go, ‘Whoa.’” What’s going on? This is real anger. “

After the academic accident She said You will “follow a formal process that will take a few weeks.” Lino was skeptical.

“What are you investigating?” He said. “It had to be the most recorded attack in history. I saw the back of his shoe. I saw Chris’s ear. There were a lot of cameras in this incident. What are you looking for? I know sometimes things are just what they look like.”

After the Academy’s statement, Smith Resigned from him AMPA Membership and Academy go up its meeting where forbidden Smith of its events over the next ten years.

Other comedians also gathered around Rock shortly after the incident.

Nine-time Oscar winner Billy Crystal hosts call Smith and Chris Rock’s confrontation was “certainly the most disturbing event”. Like Leno, he was clear about the nature of the moment: “It was an attack.”

Howard Stern, Jim Carrey, Kathy Griffin and others too weighed.

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