June 28, 2022


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Jesse, Rob of the English daily

Jesse is talkative, very polite and outgoing. His real name is Jesse Greenway, the English rapper who released his debut album Universal Credit, Interpreting his texts makes a note. Unlike his colleagues in English training, the half-race of an English mother and a Jamaican father does not hide behind a mask or the reputation of being a mob. The eldest of three children raised by one mother, the social worker, is close to his sisters Little Sims And Q Tempest. On the other hand, his music is significantly different, less symphonic than Sims, and closer to English subcultures than Tempest’s music.

The young Englishman fell in love with rap from the age of 11 when the English stain exploded with the victories of Dizzee Rascal, Wiley and Lethal Bizzle. The latter, taking the classic of the class, Police on my back, Lives in the same area of ​​Walthamstow, East London, which splits between Hockney and Tottenham. Jesse grew up listening to his mother’s CDs between bands Farrell WilliamsBy watching music videos of Neptune, singer Kelis and Queen of Neosol, Erica Badu, and American rappers (Eminem, Kanye West).

Jesse, rapper: “Lettuce was filming these clips around me, and he came to the same places as often as I did.”

When he gets to college, the dirty and over-electro-edition English crime version of rap immediately attracts him: “These rappers spoke with the same accent as us, used the same notes, the same slang. Lettuce was filming these clips around me, and he came to the same places as often as I did.” Growing up, Jesse moved to Raves, established himself on open mics (open stages) and was interested in all sub-genres of English music: “Usually in London and the UK I like, He explains Stain, 2-step, garage, drum and bass, all of these subcultures, innovative music that always comes from us. Even in the past it was always like that, despite the rock, there was Pink Floyd, then Debach Mode. I feel lucky to be coming from there. ⁇ His album is an amazing collection of all this music. One of his songs 3210 Composed by David Rodigan, son of an English reggae sound system person.

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The idleness of youth

But it is his texts that create the saltiness of his first album that speaks to the inaction of English youth. “Generation on the pill, generation on cocaine, unwanted generation”, He writes Generation, Inspired by his two young daughters, aged 16 and 19, they spend their lives on social media, but also to the contempt of the political class described in it. 3210, And the resulting neglect: “A city without hope, why didn’t we vote [« Ville des sans-espoir, pourquoi nous ne votons pas »]. ⁇

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