May 21, 2022


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Joy Behar falls on “The View”, plants face in front of the audience

Joy Behar is the latest hot topic: the fiery redhead hit the ground hard on Thursday’s episode of “The View.”

The 79-year-old comedian was walking on stage at the start of the live show when she stumbled before reaching her seat.

Cameras caught Bihar planting his face on stage, with the dramatic vision broadcast to audiences across the country.

Co-hosts Sarah Haines, 44, and legal eagle Sunny Houston, 53, were heard gasping before they tried to help Behar up.

Whoopi Goldberg, 66, the moderator on “The View” also rushed to interest the veteran star, telling her to “just stand.”

Behar needed Haines and Hostin’s help to get back on their feet, and the production assistant also ran on stage for extra support.

Joy Behar suffered a dramatic fall while out on stage to record ‘The View’ on Thursday morning.
the view
Flip Plant Fail!  Bihar was seen falling heavily on the ground live.
Flip Plant Fail! Bihar was seen falling heavily to the ground live.
the view

Behar did not suffer a serious injury, and was able to continue the show.

While the befuddled comedian may not be quick on her feet, she laughed at the failure of the facial flora with her quick wit.

“Twenty-five years, this has never happened – who am I going to sue?!” The funny lady sneered a long time ago as she sat at the table.

Sarah Haines and Sunny Houston had to help the 78-year-old get back on her feet.
Sarah Haines and Sunny Houston had to help the 79-year-old get back on her feet.
the view
The funny woman was not seriously injured, and was able to follow the show.
The funny lady was not seriously injured and was able to follow the show.
the view

The star later got serious, telling anyone with a fall to watch for their symptoms.

“The main thing – just to speak seriously – when Bob Saget fell, he died,” said Behar. If you hit your head and feel dizzy or have blurred vision, or feel like falling asleep, go to the doctor. Because that will kill you.”

She ended with a slight note saying, “I’m a klutz!”

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Thursday's fall is the latest incident to hit the headlines "the view" veteran.
Thursday’s fall is the latest episode to grab the headlines on the veteran “The View.”

The downfall of Bihar is the latest major incident for the ‘The View’ veteran, who made his debut on the show in 1997.

Just last week, Bihar was attacked by her He complained that the war in Ukraine could affect Her planned vacation to Italy.

Meanwhile, last month, Bihar told the public that she They will wear masks in public indefinitelybefore you are Caught while sitting without a mask in a New York City restaurant Just days later.