May 23, 2022


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Kaso shocks English drills …

With his performance in the remix of “Reggae & Calypso”.

French rappers often do not shock Americans or Englishmen for their rhetorical performances. PNL has been verified by international stars such as Freddie Gibbs and Rosalia, Casso shocked the training planet with his verse in his “Reggae & Calypso” remix, in which he does more than six British drills. He is not the only Frenchman invited to a big piece, in addition, let’s face it, he fines them. Yes, yes, do not be afraid of words. In one video, young Americans, who find the sound stopping, go back and are really shocked by the Frenchman’s verse. They compare it to pop smoke! What better compliments can you give to the drill than to be compared to the champion of the division? Saying the size of the cassock on this topic. Also, internet users do not think wrong and multiply exaggerations to comment on the performance of the Saint-Denis rapper.

Still, in this remix, there are six quality English rappers, Russ Millions, Puni, YV, CH, SwitchODR and Rose Real, sorry … good omen for the future when his next project is over. Now waiting for the release date. It was announced by the director of Paul’s Duarte of Epic Record during his first platinum disc presentation.

He is an artist with a crazy talent, he will soon be storing other surprises for us with a new album, I heard it, and I assure you there will be platinum records.“.

Also, as proof that he is currently in a hurry, the rapper has declared himself to have surpassed 4 million streams this time around. All this by one plan! Not really, Caso is in first place now!

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If you have never heard a song composed by Caso, treat yourself!