August 13, 2022


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Learn English at any age in Agen

By Elian Paraskat

Since 2015, British national Claire Lindley has been offering immersion English lessons to young and old at her facility in Agen.

Helping everyone improve in English was Claire Lindley’s bet when she founded her school in August 2015: “I’m British, I have bilingual children from a French father, and I was told there was a real market for teaching English to children from an early age, especially If they want to continue their studies later. Since then, he has taught a hundred children a year, divided into small groups of a maximum of eight students. “I put them through a game: We asked ‘Who’s that?’ » In English, « Jacques said » there are removed children giving instructions to others in English. The goal is to combine listening and practice of the language so they can communicate very quickly. »

Claire sponsors adults through their professional training account (CPF): “We do a written and oral assessment and then look at them according to their level and their aims. If the person has level 0 in English, the first lessons will be in French. »

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