May 16, 2022


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Lot-ed-Coron: The first tourist of the year at the Lot & Bastides camp, these Englishmen fell under the spell of Villenovois.

Tourism plays an important role in the economy of the department, especially in the area of ​​Grand Villenovais. As a source, the Lot & Bastides Campsite welcomes its first tourist of the season. A British couple is embarking on their first traditional European tour in two years. And they feel good here.

It is cold all over France today, Friday afternoon. In the area of ​​Grand Villenovois as it is everywhere. It rained snow at the Lot & Bastides camp, which arose with the arrival of spring. The camp is managed by the receptionist and urban community of Grand Villenovois and is managed by Ophel Bodin and Melanie. Also on the 7-hectare area are Kathy and Harley Bennett in their motor home awning. Despite the cold and wind, she dances, and he is covered only by shorts. They both still have sweaters on their upper body. They live in Lincolnshire, in the east of England. “We are protected from the wind. The weather is fine.” We remind you that the interview took place entirely in English, and despite some translation errors, the smiles on the British couple’s face say a lot about finally staying on European soil after two years in health prison. .

“It’s obvious, we’ll be back here. This is the most beautiful municipal camp we’ve ever known.”

“For two years, we have been waiting 90 days and 90 nights to continue our travels across Europe. This is the first time we’ve been here and we have to tell you that this is truly the best municipal camp we have ever had. Facilities, availability, reception, region.” Ophélie Bodin, camp manager is thrilled. “We only stayed here for two days before returning to Spain. But we decided to stay for a whole week. To see the pujols that can be seen from our location. When it comes to cooking, Ophelia can not help herself. “You know I invited you to come and taste our food when the whole site is open.”

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Kathy and Harley are happy. “We plan to be back here on a return trip in September. We will be happy to accept your invitation.” On the tablet they use to stay in touch with their comrades, photos of the camp site, their location, the surrounding landscape. “We really fell in love with the place. We advertise it to our friends who travel across Europe to discover new landscapes and new encounters just like us. And given the quality of the facilities, it’s a real delight for families. It’s never been here before. It’s really a great discovery for us.” The reason they are here is, in fact, very simple and based on Ophelia’s work. “We joined a site called” Acsi “in the Netherlands, which promotes European camps, and as a result, our first tourists from Great Britain for two years. We had Britons these two years, but they were French. Truly a joy and satisfaction for us.This is recognition for our work and even hope that after these two difficult years everyone will continue to function normally.

If the English, like swallows, do not need to bring spring, this first visit looks good for the tourist season.

“We will return to a normal rhythm”