May 18, 2022


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Marriage at first glance 6: Why are ceremonies celebrated in English?

Recently at first glance a big change was made in the marriage. Weddings are no longer celebrated in Cronje City Hall Just like it was in the first five seasons. Production that relocated the project, taking advantage of the termination of the contract with the mayor of this city. So he decided to teleport the project outside the French border. A choice justified for a number of reasons, this area only celebrates marriages during imprisonment.

Weddings were celebrated in Gibraltar

Psychologists initially agreed to relocate the shooting of married people at first glance 6. This allows candidates to leave their comfort zone. This should make them more aware of the decision they are making. Judging by these interpretations by Pascal de Sutter and Estelle Dossin, the divorce rate is expected to fall significantly this year. Anyway, this is what the audience wants.

While waiting to fix this matter, be aware that marriages are happening Marriage at first sight6 Celebrated in Gibraltar. This explains the fact that they work in English to some extent. The audience can be assured, there is a translator to interpret the words of the civil status officer. The only difference is that the candidates come out with a valid marriage certificate.

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