May 18, 2022


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Meeting with a senior English diplomat, visit Tordogne

Your title attracts. What is your job?

Theo Rycraft Minister Plenipotentiary is actually an old title similar to the embassy vice in major capitals. France is an example. So I work with Ambassador Menna Rawlings to manage all the work of the embassy with 350 people. We cooperate with the French government on issues such as security, security, borders and economic relations. This is a very interesting job.

In Dordogne, do you have much contact with the British people?

Yes, there are about 8,000 citizens in Pericard. Going to see them is an important part of our work. You should not stay in Paris alone. This population strengthens relations between the two countries, especially as some have to become French and obtain dual citizenship.

Exactly, has Brexit changed things?

The legal framework has changed with the new law. Our job is to make sure all UK nationals who need help get it. We are trying to assist in conveying their demands to the French administration. This is the work we have been doing in very close cooperation with the Province of Toronto and I would like to salute all the efforts taken. We have just had a very fruitful meeting.

In your opinion, why do so many of your comrades choose our area?

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