August 9, 2022


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Mewa Kenneth was tackled so hard by his mother that the candidate broke down in tears

In the first chapter It’s family, Released on the 6Play platform on Sunday July 10, Mewa Kennam’s mother criticized her for only taking English lessons two years after settling in Dubai.

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On Sunday July 10, 6Play launched a new reality TV show It’s family, It features, among others, Meva Kennam. In the first chapter, A young woman of 25 years Contains heated dialogue With his mother Salya, About the departure of her assistant Akram which upset her a lot. “I had the worst times. I lost everything in a few days. I felt abandoned (…) I had to get everything back, learn English… He managed all my documents”, emphasized Star MarseillesHe counted on his best friend to help him with the daily activities of his life in Dubai.

A reality TV star is tired of doing everything on her own

Mother of Maeve Kennam I took the opportunity to raise the bar on the latter a bit, and honestly: “My daughter, as I explained to you, this is a blessing in disguise…you are learning.” Not enough to really convince a young woman who feels overwhelmed by events and wants to to find out “A dear with which [elle pourrait] live” Visit him every day to make up for his language deficits. “My friends, when they buy a house, they do it together, I do it alone.” She declared, while the one who gave her life reminded her of it “Pride”. “Yes, it’s hard, I understand, dear, but it will give you more confidence.”Salya assured.

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A helper with more responsibilities in Salya’s eyes

Very quickly, the discussion took another turn when Mewa Kennum began to cry, chastising her mother for forcing her to spend most of her existence alone and independent. “You gave too much to Akram (…) when you came to settle in Dubai – already, I don’t want you to settle here – I said the first thing to do (…) [c’était] That you should learn English. [En] “You haven’t learned a word of English in Dubai for almost two years”, Salya prefers that her daughter take lessons earlier rather than waiting for her assistant to leave.

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