August 13, 2022


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Mini Aceman, the next English hit

New – With its latest study, the English manufacturer announces both the aesthetic language of its next-generation models and the arrival of a 5-door electric version.

A year after celebrating its twentieth anniversary, The Mini of The BMW It is constantly renewing itself. In 2030, the English manufacturer will become the first brand of the German group to go all-electric. By then, its entire range will have been updated. It will start next year with the introduction of a new generation of the classic 3-door, and a 100% electric crossover that will be launched in 2024, heavily inspired by the Aceman study that the manufacturer just presented. Both these models express the new aesthetic language expressed by Aceman Concept called “sexy simplicity”. The German group that owns the Mini follows closely the following Mini course.


Behind its compact dimensions of 4.05 m in length, 1.99 m in width and 1.59 m in height, the silhouette of the Aceman Concept testifies to the growing influence of SUVs across all makes. Vertical grille, hexagonal optics, square wheel arches, 20-inch rims, raised ground clearance, green plastic sills, roof rack in the shape of the Union Jack flag: the Aceman adopts the symbols of the perfect adventurer. Its closed grille shows the presence of an electric traction chain but its characteristics are still unknown. They should be close to the current electricity model.


A central screen in the form of 45 rpm

Thanks to its electrical structure, not content with offering incredible roominess based on its compactness, Aceman surprises with its atmospheric audacity. Designers began to envision a more stripped-down dashboard from scratch. The driver facing tool has disappeared. The flat dashboard looks like a soundbar. The inspiration of the hi-fi world still radiates to the central screen with OLED technology that looks like a 45 rpm record. Another innovation: the surface of the dashboard serves as projections for animated images and useful driving information. As for the central tunnel installed between the two seats, it has modular and house cup holders, a wireless charger and storage. A production version of the Aceman will be released in 2024. It will slot in between the 3-door model and the Countryman.

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