June 26, 2022


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Mobilization at Pierrelate for an English teacher suffering from deafness

Double sentence for Mary. Two years ago, during her pregnancy, this English teacher at Gustave Jaume College in Pierrelatte, triggered a trigger. Otosclerosis, A genetic disease gradually makes her deaf. In February, the lesson could not be taught, She went on sick leave. She is struggling to get it now Reclassification within national education.

Delayed reclassification

“I like to work, feel useful, want to talk about something in the evening”. Marie is not a giver. The trials she has been experiencing for two years are horrible. Suffering from a genetic disease she knows itShe will lose her hearing completely Within ten years. His skills have already diminished a lot: “I do not hear some voices. When there is background noise like running water, I do not hear people talking. Talking on the phone is complicated or impossible.”.

Mary wants to Must continue in public service. Especially in national education. “For example I like reclassification in management”, She explains. But the 30-year-old is in the dark. Despite his status as a disabled worker, no answers came from his hierarchy. He contacts everyone, human resources, disabled reporter, occupational therapist, social worker. It was only a few months later that she got the start of an answer: “Within the public service, it was recently explained to me that I should go before the Disability Commission, which would open the way for me to reclassify. But again I have no certainty.”.

While waiting for this commission to take place, Mary only gets it Half of his salary. Her colleagues decided to support her by setting her up two weeks ago A kitten. “This is a sign of solidarity, but we have no recourse.”Elizabeth also underlines the English teacher at Gustav Jam College.

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This situation has alerted the unions. Dorian Cattel, CGT Education Drôme, successfully contacted the Rector: “I sent unanswered emails five weeks later. We feel disgusted. Even for us, on the day it happens to us, what do we really do?”. Dorian explains that he received a response from the rector on Monday, June 13, indicating that the request was taken into account but no details were given. The municipal administration has not yet responded to our requests.