May 17, 2022


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Near Pont-Audemer, before going abroad, they review English

Jacques Cassagnabere and his students review English every week at Saint-Thurien (Le Perrey) City Hall.

Every week, about fifteen of them meet at the town hall Saint-Durian (municipality of Perre), near Bond-Adomer (Eure). Do not play cards or take computer lessons. Anne-Marie, Annick, Christiane, Sylvie, François and others edit Shakespeare’s language from Pont-Audemer and Le Perrey.

What motivates these people to turn into vocabulary and irregular verbs? “We all want to get back on track. Above all we can manage when we go abroad,” they believe. “We have time, we’re retired! “, Make the students of the elementary lesson laugh. Some also want to respond to their grandchildren who are learning English At school.

“Without the School Attitude”

Every Wednesday from 4:30 pm, five starters pick up Jack Kazakhnabere. This former computer science teacher has worked extensively overseas. He has no secrets in English. He uses the “known method” to improve his English in 90 subjects. He was already doing this when he offered these courses at Quillebeuf in 2019.

The second group of students, confirmed ones, meet from 6:15 p.m. “There are twice as many of them,” says Jack Kazakhnabere. Classes are scheduled for the school season. “Lessons are conducted in a very relaxed manner, without any sense of school. Of course, there are some homework, ”he continues. Those interested must wait until the next academic year to register.

After taking the basics of English (grammar, vocabulary, combining), students develop training, especially in speaking. “The lessons are so different. We make songs too,” the teacher notes. The students are delighted, some have only learned English as a second language.

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