January 18, 2022


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Netflix’s first worldwide success in a language other than English, “La Casa de Papal” bids farewell to the broadcast of its last episodes

Netflix’s first global success bids farewell to the broadcast of its last episodes, after paving the way for other series such as “La casa de papel” South Korean “Squid Game” or French “Lupine” in a language other than English.

Originally produced by Antenna 3 Channel on a low budget, this Spanish series revolving around the robbery of the National Monetary Factory in Madrid has been one of the most watched premieres since the acquisition of the American company Netflix in late 2017. Global streaming platform.

The series ‘Robbers’ featured red carpets and dolly masks and successes such as the revolutionary Italian song “Bella Xiao” in protests around the world.

Elena Nira, Professor of Communication Science at the Open University of Catalonia, underscores that “this is the first non-English series to become such an important global event.”

Characters from Tokyo, Lisbon or Berlin were able to keep a large English-speaking audience in suspense.

“Thanks in part to La Casa de Babel,” says Elena Nira, who said that Netflix and its competitors “realized that not everything has to be made in the United States” to reach a global audience.

Since then, the platform has produced worldwide successes in languages ‚Äč‚Äčother than English, such as “Lupine” or “Squid Game”, the first season of which broke the record for the best start in October.

In the paper, however, Elena Nira believes that “there is nothing revolutionary.”

But the series “tells a very global story of the struggle between the good and the bad, where the good are not the bad and the bad are not as bad as they look,” he added, adding that “news about the power of women, companionship, and the need for rebellion.”

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Simple but effective ingredients are therefore taken.

Lupine points out that “La Casa de Papal has many elements based on the story: the thief who comes out of it, the thief with the white gloves” is a certain moral and “very clever”.

According to Alberto Nahum Garcia, professor of audiovisual communication at the University of Navarre, the “alignment of the planets” was responsible for the success of “La Casa de Papal”. This is because the series was released “at a time when distribution is still global” and has benefited from a “clearly more addictive product” with better chapter results than “recommended guidelines”.

Elena Nira describes a platform in more than 190 countries as “the most significant dubbing effort in the vernacular”.

All products in Spain, the government wants to create an audiovisual hub in Europe.

“It has taken the (Spanish) industry to a place we never even dreamed of, because we have always been a very complex country at this level,” series creator Alex Pina told reporters on Tuesday.

Netflix has selected Madrid to set up its first European studio in early 2019 to build on the success of the series.

La casa de papel “ensures that stories can be created anywhere in the world and enjoyed anywhere in the world,” Diego Avalos, Netflix’s vice president for content in Spain and the United Kingdom, told AFP. Portugal, exemplifies strategy. The importance of the Spanish language spoken by 500 million people worldwide.

Many of the cast members of “La casa de papel” are members of the Netflix team, such as Jaime Lorende and Miguel Herran, who were on the bill for another big hit on stage in Spain, “Elite”. Alex Pina signed an exclusive deal with Netflix in 2018 to produce other projects.

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Although the series is over, Netflix wants to continue its success and browse for a Korean adaptation of Park Hee-soo, one of the main actors in “Squid Game”.