June 26, 2022


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News | Manchester-Pharaoh flight diverted to Nantes because five Englishmen were drunk

By La Provence (with AFP)

The Ryanair flight from Manchester to Faroe Islands was diverted to Nantes Airport last night after five drunken British men disturbed other passengers, the Border Police (PAF) said on Tuesday.

Flight between the north of England and the south of Portugal “He was diverted to Nantes following a collision with another passenger. Eventually, no complaint was lodged and the person restarted the flight.”Police Commander Pierre-Yves Collin explained, confirming information from Ouest-France, the deputy director of the Interim Director of the Nantes Border Police.

“On the other hand, five Englishmen, who were considerably apparently drunk, disembarked from the plane due to chaos. They were kept at ease.”He added.

Five Englishmen, three women and two men, aged 24 to 36; “Shouldn’t have boarded in the UK because they started vodka in the morning.”Pierre-Yves Collin said.

“Drunk men attacking passengers endanger flight”, He noted. The return flight to the airport for PMI (public and public drinking) is an event “Rarely”He pointed out.

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