May 17, 2022


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Nick Lidmoton, an Englishman who climbs near the Moulins

Founded at Moulin’s Training Center in 2021, Englishman Nick Lidmodon has been living in the UK for more than 25 years and has made a big difference in France. This versatile coach started flying with 14 wins last year, and has already had 3 wins this year. We went to meet him last spring and invite you to discover this rising star on French shows.

Nick Litmodon France already had some starters, especially in the Saint Alleri 2000 edition Very valuable. He has been a coach for over 25 years and has spent most of his career settling in Newmarket in recent years in his native England. He had a large team, mostly flat, and allowed starters around the world to win over 600 races from the start of his career. But the winner of the team at the age of 2 in the UK decided to take on a new challenge that was close to his heart, training abroad. More interested in jumping and training for more “FR” jumpers, he decided to start anew by settling in the alley at the Moulins Training Center which came at the start of the season. 2021.

Nick Litmodon rides in Moulin’s training center

Nick Litmoton has always loved jumpers, and for good reason, he started out as an assistant coach with celebrity. Jenny Pitman. This famous trainer became the first woman to take the saddle with the Grand National winner in 1983. CorbynThe record he repeated in 1995 Royal Athlete. He has also coached 2 Cheltenham Gold Cup winners. So, Nick Litmoton has always been successful with some of his jumpers, and he shares his staff very evenly between flats and obstacles since he came to France with his wife and children. While his horses were mainly trained in Moulins, he also bought a property in Cerville, northeast of Vichy, where he had meadows, a track, but also a swimming pool for his athletes.

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Domain, Bedox and Track in Cerville

Close to Toby Jones, Nick began building relationships with Litmouth in the Middle East, which is an excellent breed. He certainly bought AQPS, but also brought in local owners Patrick JobertThis year she gave him along with her 3 year old child Ida Mellox and Jose Luis da Silva. I have to say that Nick Litmodon was quickly noticed with his first starters. At the end of April 2021 he broke the ice from his 3rd starter Gray de Ars Apartment in Saint Galmier. A few weeks later, he won the jumps on our soil for the first time ImperilA son There is no danger It ended up on Auteuil and won the Steeplechase at Clairefontaine. Overall, the Lidmodon Stable won 14 of 78 runs last year, winning both the Steeplechase and the Pure Sprint … not common in France, but that’s what he likes!

Putting together a small team, Nick Litmoton has already signed on to 3 wins in 2022, which he bought at Xenon on Sunday. ErkovichA son Sea stars Too late, he started in February when he was 4 years old and won under the saddle Maxim Denowalt As a Gentleman Rider. From his base in Moulins, Nick did not hesitate to cross over to France. I have to say he has everything on site to properly prepare his starters, with a flat and uncluttered infrastructure and a well-maintained lawn by the teams on site. He picked up the boxes he had previously occupied Eric Wagney. This is good news for the training center, which has found a potential leader after the departure of Augustine de Boycebrunet. In another style, Nick Litmoton proves that you can always train good horses there, now the very French of the English in the Allies … for a renaissance, it’s one!

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Eric Wagney with Nick Lidmodon