May 16, 2022


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No English teacher for seven months: Selected officers and parents of angry students

The number of tricolor scarves in front of the doors of François Cazes College in Saint-Béat-Lez yesterday morning testified to the interest shown by the region’s elected representatives in the quality of education that students generally use. They were thirty years old when they came in the presence of some parents of the students and expressed their anger: there was no English teacher for the institution since the beginning of the school year in September. “The academy’s rector did not respond to warnings from elected officials. This coincidence provokes emotion and anger among many elected officials of the Pyrenees Hot Coronas (CCPHG) commune community of which I am a member.” At one of the last community meetings, he made a grunt. “The desert is advancing, the sand is covering us. Public services have fallen. After the transfer of collections, the payment machine must be removed in early April. What is the future of the post office in St. Beat?” This is a lot for our small area that has been affected since the closure of the Pechini factory. It goes down to hell. This situation is unacceptable when the ministry supports foreign languages. Management does. Since September, we could have compensated for the replacement of a teacher who was on sick leave, ”says the councilor of this village, which is home to 42 people, including 3 children studying in 6th grade in St.-Beat.” The government laughs at us. that is enough. We do not have to take action to save our services. We were not selected for that. The government loses and moves the territory. Where is the community plan? ? We have it. We have seen it since the epidemic. Our territory will be attractive only if our services continue there. We will fight again, do not leave any site anymore … ” When she was happy to return to their school, the mayor of the city, Anna Sanchez, denounced the absence of a teacher, even though a teacher was coming to college in English. We are told about the same chances of success for everyone! There is complete silence; We are in full swing. We are in the tenderness and indifference of the public authorities. The parents of the students pointed out, “There is. A real fundamental problem. We are asking ourselves the question of moving our children, not going to say that we are going in support of our children, we are going in support of the company ….” Due to the absence of the English teacher, who was warned by several parents and selected officials on leave and not transferred, Department Adviser Patrice Rival reported the current situation to the Rector of the Academy. Deputy Joel Aviragnet also intervened.

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