May 18, 2022


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No more Ukrainian and English, Mariupol road signs change to Russian

The Protestants are imposing a little more of their dominance over the Mariupol area Ukraine. On Thursday, May 5, the Ministry of Transportation of pro-Russian separatist officials in the region announced that it would change the entry points for regional integration, releasing photos of workers removing bilingual Ukrainian and English speakers. In the Russian language. These images spread rapidly on social networking sites and provoked the anger of many Internet users.

The strategic port of Mariupol (southeast) has been the scene of ruthless war since the beginning of Russia’s offensive against Ukraine. The last Ukrainian fighters were besieged on a gigantic steel base. Other cities and its environs were captured by Russian forces and its allies from the Donetsk Republic, which was not recognized by the international community seeking sovereignty over Mariupol.

Visit of the Russian administration to the region

Russia denies invasion of Ukrainian territories, but recognizes independence of two separatist regions, officially launched Attack on its neighbors on 24 February In the name of the protection of Russians and Russian-speakers of these regions. For Moscow’s opponents, this would be the first step towards annexation.

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This week, Russian Vice President Sergei Kryenko visited Mariupol and its territory. “At every stage, there were discussions with the people, they (…) want to make sure that Russia is back forever.”Denis Bushillin, the leader of the separatists who accompanied the Kremlin official, commented on his telegram channel.

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