May 20, 2022


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Norman Gastronomy recaptured the British

Normandy Gastronomy has been coming to our English since Friday, April 29, 2022. The goal? Bringing the British back to Normandy after years of dark tourism halted by the Brexit and Govt crisis.

We miss our dear neighbors and want to let them know. To this end, the Normandy region has spent 250,000 euros on development Normandy Food Tour UK 2022. Flavors, cooking events, cocktails and concerts will be served to the British in Hastings, Windsor, Norwich and Canterbury. The last three cities were chosen because they were a castle or cathedral of Norman descent.

The total area of ​​this small traveling medieval village is 500 square meters. There will be a mobile kitchen, a rolling bar, a music bus and of course 3 food trucks set up there. Normandy Truck76 And its andouillette burgers, Caravan And its buns and Normandy Fish Truck Granvillas is 100% committed to providing the flavors of Norman fish and chips: “Fish and Chips a la Normande is a dogfish with donut batter and cider instead of beer. At the end of the mouth, there’s this little taste of scary apple. Food Truck Manager Jean-Franசois Perrin explains.

On Wednesday, April 27, 2022, trucks emptied from DIP to avoid customs duties and administrative procedures associated with Brexit: “On encounters enormous obstacles. All new products have to go through very strict controls, which slows down the process. We absolutely wanted to get our goods in Great Britain, where we will be back before the trip

On the entertainment page, the atmosphere is provided by the “For Hackers” group: ” We’re going to play our music on the Carbonorama bus, which will run the entire stage using solar energy and all the equipment. “, Axel Legrade, the band’s singer, is delighted.

It’s for the ears. For the eyes, chef Michael Sugar will recreate part of the Bayes tapestry with art, isigne butter, cuprat jam, campert boxes and cider corks.

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Will be the host of the show Nigel Barton, BBC culinary expert. 500 to 1500 people are expected to come every day. This summer potential tourists were invited to board the boat, (again) to come to Normandy.