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To apply to foreign companies, it is necessary to write your CV in English. The rules to be respected are different from those in France, especially for the presentation.

More and more French people are trying their luck outside of France for their studies, internships or jobs. Regardless of the situation, it is necessary Write the CV in the only true international language : English. To write a good CV in English, it is important Respect some essential rules In form and meaning. For example, the first risk to avoid is: Translating your CV from French to English from A to Z.

The general suggestions regarding the preliminary reactions and precautions of the form are similar to those of the French CV. This is essential Read in detail Job Description, In order to identify important words And required skills (hard skills and Soft skills) As much as possible, it is advisable Create Tailor CV Also avoid sending identical resumes by mass mail.

To write a CV in English for an internship (jobs in Great Britain and internships in the US), you must Specify your different exercises accurately. As for the job search, the English CV needs more information, and unlike the French CV, it is sufficient to specify the dates, the names of the companies, the activities performed and the tasks performed. When writing a CV in English, you need to know that you are speaking to a person French companies and departments do not know.

At the end of the CV in English, do not forget section Other This is similar to the “extra-professional activities” section of the French CV. This is very important and can sometimes lead to change.

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Need to translate your CV into English?

It should be noted that The use of an automatic translator should be avoided. In fact, translation of long texts by this type of translator is often desirable. This will give the impression of an amateurism that employers generally do not like. So, if there is a gap in English, like the verification of someone who is well versed in Shakespeare’s language. There may even be this critic Review the content Your cover letter is in English. Here are some translations of words commonly used in English CV:

  • resume = resume
  • Training = education
  • Marital status = personal details
  • Interests = interests
  • Trainings = Jobs (GB) Internships (US)
  • Driving License = Driving License
  • Home letter = Cover letter

In Anglo-Saxon countries, recruiters are the focus To school standards. To help you, here are the English translations that refer to French:

  • Mention well: with the utmost respect
  • Mention Beyonc:: with high esteem
  • Mention well: with respect
  • Pass Note: With standard pass
  • Highest Honors: Summa Cum Lot (for a dissertation or postgraduate degree)
  • Mention Bienna: Magna Cum Lot (for a dissertation or postgraduate degree)

What are the components you need to put in English on your CV?

Public presentation

As for the French CV, your presentation is systematically located In the upper part of the CV And to Contains many components This will allow the employer to know your profile and call you back if needed.

  • Your Civil Identity: Surname and First Name (s)
  • Your personal details: mailing address, phone number, email address, etc.
  • Your date of birth
  • Your nationality
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This area is very important because it will allow the employer to know your skills, the diplomas you have received and your professional experience. When writing a CV in English, it is customary to use An opposite chronological order. Therefore, it is essential to start with the last obtained diploma or last professional experience.

To properly deliver your educational and professional experience, you must be Specify specific information Related to this experience:

  • Contract Date or Dates (in case of professional experience)
  • Diploma or the correct title of the post: Remember to explain the meaning of the acronyms, because your CV should be completely understandable to a foreign person who knows nothing about possible career paths in France and their names.
  • Name of the school or institution and its location
  • Your computer skills, including mastery of the programs you need to use in the context of the situation you are looking for

Language level

When writing a CV in English, it is strongly advised‘Indicate the size of your language This is because some levels require the total command (or not) of the English language. Remember to mark yours Actual language status Also avoid lying as it will be detected soon by the recruiters.

  • Bilingual = bilingual (should be avoided if you really are not)
  • Current = fluent
  • Good knowledge = good talent
  • Basic knowledge = Conversational English


In France, this is the norm Put a photo on the CV, But this is not the case in the UK or US. The move is linked to recruiters’ practices and practices in the fight against Discrimination at work. So, there is no need to add photo on your CV.

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It is not important to mention age in CV in English. From the point of view of Anglo-Saxon employers, these are The only skills that need to be prioritized. Age is often considered “secondary”, which explains the simplicity of back training and the less widespread discrimination against seniors.

Where can I find an example of a CV in English? Line?

The meaning and format of an English CV is not completely different from a French CV, but if you want to see a more concrete example, it is possible Find examples of resumes in English on the Internet. These examples will help you better organize your CV according to the method mentioned above.

Students are often needed Write an application in English Especially if they are looking Internship in a business Where A summer job Abroad. In order to get a place in a foreign university, it is often necessary to write a CV in English.

Regardless of the reason for writing the CV in English, students should write Respect the method Above is to take into account their experiences and abilities. Most of the time, Anglo-Saxon selectors have a reputation for trusting young people.