May 16, 2022


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Page Courses – Success in the wallet, English tabloids take revenge on Megan Markle

‘Mail on Sunday’ failed in a battle, but the tabloids were unable to launch a war against Megan Markle. Each week, Stephen Bern understands the royal message through a new meeting: Côté Cours.

In the ruthless legal battle between Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex , And English newspapers, the latter lost in a war, but want to continue the war. A trench warfare more destructive than the recruitment bombs they constantly throw at Prince Harry’s wife … In the United Kingdom, it is well known that members of the Windsor clan are treated according to Rule 3L, as Princess Michael of Kent or the Duchess of York once explained: We lick, we lick, we lick.

This week, the Sunday Mail publisher agreed to pay முன்னாள் 1 compensation to the former American actress for misusing personal information, and the amount remains confidential for patent infringement. Megan Markle’s spokeswoman described the amount as significant and pointed out that it would be donated to charities. According to a legal document released to British journalists by the Security Council of the Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL), the legal costs are ,000 360,000, all of which must be paid before January 7. The document formally confirms that the newspaper’s publisher, who said he was considering an appeal to the Supreme Court, eventually accepted his defeat.

The main reason Prince Harry left

We remember Megan Markle going to war against the tabloids, often without pitying her, abandoning the sacred rule of “never explain, never complain” (never explain, never complain), and her husband Prince Harry Lewell always defended his personal life. The Tabloid newspaper was responsible for the death of her mother Diana in a car accident in Paris in 1997. Megan sued Sunday Mail for releasing a letter she wrote to her father, Thomas Markle, in 2018, in which, after her marriage to Prince Harry, Megan asked her father to stop spitting and lying in the media about their breakup. Relationship. On December 2, the Duchess of Sussex won the case by dismissing the newspaper publisher’s appeal against a decision made ten months earlier by a British judge, which ruled that the letter was illegal.

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Condemning the media pressure on his couple on several occasions, Prince Harry is the main reason for his departure from the royal family and his deportation to California with his two children. If they had no plans to return to England – even for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, at least for Meghan – a year and a half after the Sussex came to Montecito, they bought a property there for about 13. Millions of euros. Chatto de Riven Rock has nine bedrooms and sixteen bathrooms, furnished with luxury amenities such as gym, swimming pool, tennis court, a private playground, a cellar, a sauna, a library, a tea room and three more. Hectare of land surrounded by pines and cypress, away from prying eyes, their two children, Archie, 2 years old, and Lilliput, seven months old. However, according to a source close to the couple, Harry and Megan are “not satisfied with this house and its location” so they want to sell it.

“To avoid giving malicious buyers a chance, serious buyers will only be shown the house for those who have the money. The small family seems to love the suburbs of downtown Montecito, where they live with friends of stars such as Oprah Winfrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Tom Cruise and Katy Perry with Orlando Bloom.

What if Harry and Megan want to save money? Despite the announcement effects of their numerous editorial plans, the money back in the cash box is less easily than expected. Similarly, according to documents by the IRS, the government agency responsible for collecting taxes and levies in the United States, conveniently received through the Daily Mail, the Archive Foundation of Sussex did not actually declare revenue of $ 50,000 by 2020. A small amount compared to the costs of closing their old foundation. In the same year, the couple had to pay more than $ 55,000 in legal fees to permanently close down the non-profit company “Sussex Royal” which they created in 2019.

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Leaving the state-owned enterprise in January 2020, Kovic 19 did not imagine that Sussex would hit the epidemic world, while delaying their various projects, especially the time for charity events. , Which explains. Their trust’s low income, but their personal salaries have also plummeted. It was enough for the tabloids to avenge the inconvenience of the unloving Windsors and to feast on their departure from their field of intelligence throughout the Atlantic.

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