May 19, 2022


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Paw: The author of Saint-John Percy publishes the English Learning Guide

“A1 level grammar and vocabulary are as simple, fun and comprehensive as phonetics. This manual comes with a smartphone application that allows you to follow the learning page page by page.

Marketing in China

“I have a real interest in teaching English, which is why I decided to share my knowledge through books dedicated to it. I specialize in exams, especially the TOEIC (English test for International Communication) because in engineering and business schools in France a student must obtain a postgraduate degree to obtain his or her diploma,” Thomas said. . Gueguen continues.

The professor previously worked in marketing for several multinational companies in China, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand, before changing paths and taking his CELTA (Certificate in Teaching English to Adults). This degree from the University of Cambridge allowed adults to teach English. He started this new life at a school in Queenstown, New Zealand. He was a company that simultaneously implemented the function of marketing and sales manager.

Later, he returned to France and started teaching direct and online English lessons (, integrating entrepreneurship and teaching, joining St. John Perce High School, where he began teaching. English Management Information. In 2018, he added a new string to his bow and released the innovative book “TOEIC, the Coach” to prepare for the prestigious internationally recognized exam.

Works by Thomas Guquen

Published by “TOEIC, the coach” for 24.50 euros and “Piece of cake – Grammar of American English”, 16.50 euros, Ellipses, available at bookstores and all online retail sites.

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