August 12, 2022


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Prince Harry is at war with English newspapers: he has won an important first step

The feud between Prince Harry and the English press has been going on for years. If he doesn’t win the battle, Prince Charles’ younger brother scores a crucial victory against the tabloid press this Friday, July 8.

It’s a hit that can make a date! Prince Harry in that tabloid Sunday Mail, This Friday, July 8. A judge actually found parts of an article published in the columns of a British weekly last February to be defamatory. Prince Charles’ youngest son gets his first big hit there In the current dispute between him and the publisher of a British tabloid, ASSOCIATED NEWSPAPERS LTD.

At the heart of the matter, The newspaper’s accusations against Harry Alleging that the latter would have lied by claiming to pay the expenses related to his police protection While in England. Magistrate Judge Nicklin suggested that Prince Harry was responsible in the article “He misrepresented the facts and misled the public that he had offered to pay for his protection when he only offered to fund security arrangements after his legal battle with the UK Home Office.” To defend itself, the newspaper may be forced to name its source. Also, the court has to decide only after several hearings Proceedings to be given in this case.

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A new chapter in the long open war with the tabloids

After years at odds with the tabloids, Prince Harry blames the tabloid press for the death of his mother, Diana, which occurred in a car crash in Paris in 1997. Chased by the paparazzi. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have complained several times Against some publications for “Invasion of their family’s privacy.” A disappointment is firmly rooted in Prince Harry’s head and heart, as he announced before the initial hearing last June. Magazine article had caused him “Considerable hurt, embarrassment and suffering, this continues.” A “relationship” placed under the banner of “I love you and neither” is unlikely to be enhanced by this new judicial element.

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