May 16, 2022


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Progress in English!

EF English Live, a tool to facilitate your learning

During the first lesson, with one of the certified teachers, you define your intentions and your language status. Whatever your goal – learning a new language, improving your personal culture, integrating the basics, traveling, improving your pronunciation, etc. -, Learn English Online EF has become a children’s game through the simple and effective method of English live:

Intuitively, the platform is used like a child’s game! You choose the topic you want to address, and the application offers lessons and tutorials in English,

- Accessible to all (all you need is an internet connection and a computer or tablet only!), Distance English training Provides a variety of tools: videos, games, group lessons, etc.

- Tubes, EF English Live Online English Courses According to your schedule. Schedule your training time. Decide for yourself when to use it.

Group lessons allow you to deepen your knowledge and provide an opportunity for that Speak English Online With other students. The more you participate in it, the faster you will progress. Improve your pronunciation, your language skills, and expand your vocabulary and expressions.

Language reliance: Immerse yourself in going abroad to practice and improve your English

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As you progress in English, move on to immersion training. Why not stay abroad for a short or long time? For example, you can go Language depends on New York Or inside Travel to Malta to study English. If you want to take exams (IELTS, TOEFL, etc.), go for extreme stay. Another option for the more virtuous: Volunteer abroad.

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Live the language every day and become fully bilingual in English

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By going inside Language journey With EF, you get a schedule that suits your needs and free time for tourists to play. South Africa, North America, Europe, Oceania, Singapore: Come to a dream destination and practice English! Whether the lodge is with local people or on our premises you are guaranteed to make friends from all over the world!

As you can understand, our greatest pride is to provide the best support to all learners through personalized offers. Whether for your professional ambitions, or whether learning a language is a way to travel, or simply fun, we have the right answer for everyone to learn English easily!