July 21, 2024


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Re.  Netherlands-England: The English team up with Spain to punch a ticket to the final!  Restore the semi-final

Re. Netherlands-England: The English team up with Spain to punch a ticket to the final! Restore the semi-final

Who will join Spain in the Euro 2024 final? The Netherlands take on England this Wednesday July 10 (9pm) in this classic European football game. After a thrilling game, the English qualified for the final. Ollie Watkins delivered his own race at the end of the race (1-2).

Netherlands 1 – 2 England

“I’ve been waiting for this goal for weeks”

The hero of the day answers the beIN Sports microphone.

England want injury time

After Bellingham’s stunning comeback in the round of 16 against Slovakia allowed his side to stay alive and steal extra-time, it was Ollie Watkins’ turn to provide the Englishman at the end of the match. This time for the final!

Game over!

Watkins (90+2) scored a magnificent goal at the end of the match to deny England qualification. The striker, who came on during the game, broke the deadlock after a lackluster and uninspiring second half. The English could have led from the first period but they missed the target on several occasions. The Dutch were kicked out of the tournament without believing in qualification.

Changes for Englishmen

Saga is replaced by Gonza.
Gallagher replaces Mainoo.

90′ BUUUUUT from England

What a line from Watkins, which put the English in the lead just minutes from the end of the match! With his back to goal on the right-hand side, the Aston Villa striker turns and fires a clear cross that ends up in Verbruecken’s small opposite net.

87′ England miss a double chance

Palmer missed his shot completely after receiving the ball after Bellingham couldn’t get his foot in to put it in the back of the net.

86′ Yellow for Van Dijk

The central defender growls at the referee after not giving the Dutch players a corner.

85′ Free kick for the Dutch

Saka makes a bad mistake on Kakpo and gives the Netherlands a great score.

83′ Netherlands push

Wekhorst looks to put his feet in opposition after a good cross by Wiermann, but the Dutch striker fails to do so, thwarted by Guehi who turns well.

82′ The English lost the ball

“Oranje” continues to put the ball in their court and try to lull the English to sleep.

80′ Double conversion for the English

Watkins replaces Kane.
Foden was replaced by Palmer.

78′ goal disallowed for England!

Walker is seen on the right side by Foden. A full-back cross back to a fellow scorer. But the referee calls Walker offside.

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77′ Netherlands are not far from scoring!

Simons attempts a volley in the penalty area, but the attacking midfielder slips and misses his shot, which ends calmly in the gloves of the opposition goalkeeper.

75′ England retreat

The Dutch still have the ball, but do nothing with it. For both teams to watch, the English are slowly getting on the field.

73′ Saga falls to the ground

The English winger was hit in the face as he tried to cross in front of Ake. But the referee doesn’t blow any whistle.

71′ Yellow for Bellingham

The English striker lost his nerve and made a big mistake by not letting his legs drag after a sliding tackle.

69′ England struggle

The Three Lions looked exhausted and couldn’t get the ball back from the Dutch. Bellingham starts to get irritated.

67′ In turn the Dutch dominate

Koeman’s men came out on top again in a match pushed by their outnumbered supporters. The attacks are piling up.

64′ What a save from Pickford!

The English goalkeeper lay down to his left to clear Van Dijk’s kick after a well-taken free kick by Weerman.

63′ Simmons is annoyed

At short notice, the attacking midfielder is the victim of a foul and vents his frustration on the match referee. Good free kick for the Dutch.

60′ Kakpo tries to wake up his men

The “Oranje” striker brings the ball to the edge of the area and passes it to Weirman, who completely misses his cross.

56′ The English are less impressed

The Three Lions fell a little asleep in midfield and couldn’t throw their wingers into the side to make a difference. Opposite, the Dutch are solid.

53′ The Dutch are inaccurate

Simons tries to get past the opposition defense but misses. The ball comes back to Rangers, who throws Wekhorst deep, but his pass is missed.

50′ The match started again at the same pace

The English, a little confused, push the attack, but the Dutch are more confident.

48′ Nobody’s mate

The English winger returned the ball well to the penalty spot, but no English players were there.

Two changes to note!

Shaw replaces Trippier for England.
Wekhorst replaced Malone in Dutch.

Back to Dortmund!

In turn the Dutch kicked.

Half time!

Despite a good 10 minutes at the start of the match, a great goal from Simons (7′) made it work. Kane allowed his side to get back on the scoresheet by winning a penalty (18′) and scoring. The Three Lions can regret not scoring a second goal when they had the chance.

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45+2 Dutch delay

Koeman’s men cleverly wait until half-time, stop play and send passes to each other in midfield.

43′ The Netherlands are in a good position

The Dutch module slides well and is very solid so far. The defenders block English attacks brilliantly but have great difficulty clearing the ball.

40′ English attacks are concentrated

Mainoo, the England midfielder, struck again but it was blocked by the Dutch defence. The Dutch have not exploded yet.

39′ Foden’s strike!

The England striker can’t score but he’s trying a lot in this first half. This time, not quite matching the opponent’s cage, he rolls his ball, but Verbruggen lays well down.

37′ England camp in opposition

The Dutch are pulling back, but are careful to play the counterattack. The British have possession but have difficulty making distinctions.

36′ Bellingham can’t do it

Another ball loss for the England star. Troubled from the start of the tournament, he was nowhere to be found in the Netherlands line-up.

34′ Exit injured

Big blow for the Dutch to lose number 10. Veerman replaces him.

31′ Foden hits the post!!!

What a strike from the English striker who curls the ball left-footed towards Verbruggen’s right post. His shot went into the air and hit the Dutch goalkeeper’s post.

29′ Bar for the Dutch!

What a header from Dumfries on a corner. The Dutch defender rises above the rest and heads the ball well. It hits the intersection!

28′ Malone blocked

The Dutch winger receives a pass from Depay, but he can’t hit and is quickly tackled by Gueye.

27′ The Dutch are unable to attack

Koeman’s men failed to make any difference in front of a determined English defence. They lose the ball quickly and put themselves in danger.

24′ Foden calls for a foul

The young England striker retrieves the ball and goes alone to face the opposition goalkeeper, but he is caught by a Dutch defender. The referee does not blow the whistle.

22′ Recovery for Dumfries on his line!!

Foden gets the ball in front of the Dutch goalkeeper. The English striker shuffles his feet a bit but manages to dribble past the goalkeeper. He pushes the ball towards goal but Dumfries intervenes brilliantly to save his team.

21′ The English continue to attack

After their equaliser, Southgate’s players maintained their rhythm by stringing together attacking phases.

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66th goal for Kane

The England striker scored his 3rd goal of this Euro.

17′ Buuuuut from England!!!!

Harry Kane converts the penalty to allow the English to level with the Dutch.

16′ Punishment for the British!

The match referee ruled that Dumfries had touched the England striker. Yellow card with penalty.

15′ Video Referee!

Felix Sweyer will look at pictures of Dumfries’ potential mistakes after his volley over the Dumfries goal. Penalty or no penalty?

13′ Can just up!!

The Three Lions captain sends a good volley after a mix-up. His ball ends up over Verbruecken’s crossbar. Kane is on the ground after making contact at the end of his gesture.

12′ Kane tries his luck!

Without a solution, the English striker decided to attack from distance. Verbruggen lays down well and sends the ball back.

10′ The match comes alive

After Simons’ first goal, England tried to come back and decided to attack with Foden and Saga. They get good free kicks.

7′ Buuuuuut from the Netherlands!!!!

What a goal by Xavi Simons. Dutch attacking midfielder recovers the ball at the feet of Declan Rice. From long range, he unleashes a heavy shot that ends up in Pickford’s opposite corner. Awesome opening score.

Good Dutch action from 3′

Simmons lifts the ball well in the center of the field. He passes the ball to the feet of Malone, who fails to produce a dangerous move in the area.

1′ Malone offside!

The Dutch winger is launched behind the opposition defense but he is 1 meter ahead.

Let’s go!

England go first.

8:57 pm It’s Dutch Anthem’s turn!

Wilhelmus van Nassouwe (William of Nassau) sounds in front of many Dutch supporters.

8:56 pm Anthem of England!

God Save the King plays at the BVB Stadium in Dortmund.

8:50 PM match referee

At the whistle of the second semi-final of the Euros between the Netherlands and England, the German Felix Schweizer was involved in a scandal years ago.

8:45pm 110,000 Dutch fans in Dortmund!

An exceptional tidal wave.

Hello everyone!

Welcome to this live coverage of the second semi-final match of Euro 2024 between England and Netherlands. The winner of today’s match will face Spain in the final. Kick-off at Dortmund Stadium at 9pm.