May 18, 2022


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Samuel M’Foudi, Lightning strikes the English at Aimé-Giral

Usapist Samuel M’Foudi started the “Blood and Gold” exercise with a bang, the second line gaining his first experience with the young shoots of France XV. Today, life in Cornflower … just like on Sunday, he looks at his garden in the Aimee-Krill facing the UK.

Too big, yet too small. Nevertheless, Samuel M’Foudi, well-planted in his double meter and his quintal size, was speechless, almost stunned, in front of the Marcoussis National Rugby Center. “When I came in front of this big gate, it was enjoyable! And the pressure started to increase … everyone was dressed in blue and everyone knew what to do. I’m a little lost. “But after these few minutes full of adrenaline, USAB’s second line quickly became entangled in this ecstasy of knowing the joys of the tricolor, well cared for by his” blood and gold “friends Ethan Randle and Victor Montgilerd.” Yes. Born in Clichy-la-Garenne, his trip to his hometown of Île-de-France soon became a nightmare. “I still remember my first rugby moments with Pompeo … precisely, at that time, we went to watch the U20 match against the Baby Blocks at the Aimé-Giral (2018 World Championship, editor’s note in the semifinals of France). I won 16-7), already, It dreamed of me being able to do an internship under a tricolor badge. Four years later, this acoustic guitar enthusiast said, “Even if rugby leaves a very small space, I will play it when I get the chance”, wearing this rooster jersey, it’s romantic skin Like sticking to him and seeming to have all the weight created by the pressure on his wide shoulders Source? Four matches so far, four starts! , Amazing மானது. I hope not many of us (author’s note only Banos, Rapier, Le Brown, Guildon and Janev come with him). It’s a lot of fun, but a lot of questions. I wondered if I would not be disappointed … I was quickly reassured by the staff and my team ”.

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All-in, at all ends!

More bluntly, he was shown a yellow card during the previous match against Welsh, saying, “I had big doubts about this match. Fortunately, one bug, it was not serious, told me that it was necessary to do everything possible to pass something else and destroy it, and that basketball did not erode the confidence that management had in this fan. In the high-tasting “crunch” for the adopted learner, as an adult, he enjoys a fifth term in a row against the British. “Against the UK, on ​​the i-Krill, it was fantastic to finish in front of all my family and USAB colleagues who were going to make noise. Knowing that they will be gives me hope. A win would be great, and finishing a match with the French team would be one of my dreams come true. A final bouquet worthy of July 14th, it will complete two months of pure delight for “La Foutre” as it is lovingly nicknamed in the i-crawl locker room. “I have tons of moments like this Marseilles engraved in front of the burning public in Mont-de-Marzan, my first jersey to build at home. I also had these training sessions with the best players on the French team, during which I was able to take Paul Willems, it punches (laughs).” I’m progressed a lot, I’m faced different game styles, I’m more mobile, I’m more lively. Then, if there are responsibilities, it makes you grow. ” On Sunday evening, at 11pm, before the end of this enchanted bracket, Samuel M’Foudy will remember these wonderful encounters, especially with Castries Louis Le Bruyne and the “Toulouse team, Theo N’Domog and Max Ariac, with whom we were playing poker. It was a joke, it’s a challenge in the finals, and as a result, we’ve given them a meeting this season, and if possible, a finals! ”And look forward to getting back to current affairs.

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