May 18, 2022


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Six Nations Tournament: “The British Wanted to Do All They Can to Sink the Blues”

As he prepares himself for the Franco-British clash with the Blueberries, Franco-English USAB Ethan Randall’s Espoires’ three-quarters center gives the key to adult competition. Also, his investment in the search for the first tricolor Grand Slam after 2010 will be crucial.

Ethan, you are in Marcoussis with the France U20 team for your six countries, did you have time to watch the matches of France XV?

Of course, we missed nothing. We had the opportunity to watch a match live in Cardiff after our match on Thursday evening (Editor’s note: 45 to 17 wins for blueberries). It was a really good experience. For others, we saw them on TV. We also had the opportunity to train with them so we were able to share with them and it was very rewarding.

Precisely, rubbing your shoulders with them and being able to see the “kalti” system more closely, tell us a little …

This is very good. In training, everyone is very serious. We feel that they are connected, and from what we see from the coach, he did not just do the sessions. If he had to spend an hour more indoors than he had planned, he would not hesitate. It’s structured, and in terms of training load, they are optimal without doing many races பார்ப்ப From what we can see, these are very serious days mentally, because we have more to learn physically than ourselves. Have a training slot during the day.

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This is more in theory, then?

Yes, that’s right, there is a lot of theory.

Which player impressed you the most in these two resistances you were able to do?

Two people who impressed me, namely Gaël Fickou and Antoine Dupont. Antoine, he always makes the right choice, and fiku, he’s comfortable, he’s three-quarters experienced, he’s technically number one … he’s the best player, and we learn a lot from watching him. Couldn’t talk to them much due to poor health, but it’s good to share with them.

At the same time, could you watch the matches of XV de la Rose?

Yes, I saw them all too!

Then, what did you think?

In the first game against Scotland, despite the big game for Scotland, I think they missed it. They then bounced well against Italy and Wales. Finally, in the last game against Ireland, they take the red very quickly … It is difficult to know what their value is this year because there is a game they missed in the game where they find themselves at the age of 14 வில் In the end, there is only one meeting, against Wales One, we can draw anything from it.

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For you, what is the strength of this team?

From what I saw in the video, there is good kicking and they use it a lot because a lot of players have great kicks. But, forwards. They have a great pack, which progresses a lot, which is annoying to play.

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And their weak points?

Honestly, I did not analyze the weak points much… but after playing so many times, in the company, it’s still a little confusing.

We may feel a little less sovereign this year … but is it wrong to think of feverish English?

Inevitably, it will be a trap! After all, this is a “crunch”, a very important match for both countries. XV de la Rose has only one goal in mind, which is to snatch the Grand Slam title from the French. They know they can no longer win the competition, so they will want to drown it all out for the Blues. It’s not easy, everyone is going to give 200%.

Who is Eddie Jones’ number one danger?

I would say Marcus Smith, he is currently running a great match. He is a two-time Man of the Match, he is the successor to Owen Farrell, and they trust him more in the years to come.

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What will this competition be like for you?

In fact, it will be on the trigger. Who will move more, who will put more effort in support races, that will be it. A “crunch” is about desire, not necessarily who will make the best passes, the best combinations … Of course in the middle of the field, there will be many pioneers playing to pick up points. Here and there… but mainly desire makes the difference.

Last question: Are you going to watch?

Yes definitely!