May 23, 2022


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Six Nations: Welsh and English winds … The Blues’ horizon for the Grand Slam is clear

Who is left to prevent this Grand Slam that the Blues have not finished since 2010? Wales in Cardiff on 11 March and then England in Saint-Denis on 19 March. Looking at what these two teams have provided from the start of the match and the status of Fabian Calti’s players, Scotland’s thunder winners in Edinburgh (36-17), One would be tempted to write that the result is beyond doubt.

On Saturday, moreover, two hours after the Blues firecrackers exploded at Murrayfield, the English beat Welsh (23-19) at Twickenham in pain. It really hurts everyone, both the players and the public on stage or behind their television screens, as both teams have proven to be dull and active.

After the first tragic performances of the tournament there was no surprise at the end. The XV of the Rose was defeated by Scotland (20-17) and dominated by Wales by the same score, in other words, all these beautiful people are worthy. The Welsh players were also crushed by the Irish players (29-7) and the English were not active against the Italians (33-0). In short, the results reflect the records and If Captain DuPont and his teammates retain their rhythm, they seem to have taken refuge from unpleasant surprises.

The British press persuaded him and was full of compliments to the blues. “Merciless”, “intelligent” to the BBC DefenderFor “dominance” Daily registrationThe French team was praised by all the media across the channel. “Is this the best team in the world? The Guardian also asks. “Maybe not yet,” the daily concludes. But after this game, the best team in the North will rise to third place in the standings. More importantly, he continues to compete in a Grand Slam tournament. The one who stretched out his hands to her.

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