May 16, 2022


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St. Paul’s College in English at the time

brou Saint-Paul de Brou College in English. In September, students enrolled in the 5th And And 4 And Saint-Paul de Brou in college can follow the English language and European culture optional course if they wish.

One in 5 English culture will be added to the “Classic” English hours And 4 And And 3 And Also preparing for the Cambridge exam at 4 p.m. And And 3 And . This option is aimed at students who are eager and eager to discover Europe and its culture, but have the potential to engage in it.

Twenty extra points

“This is a real academy, which will be evaluated during the verification of capabilities for the National Diploma in Patents because, according to their achievements, students can earn up to twenty extra points,” explains Marion, the institute’s president. Tuforo.

During the war in Brexit and Ukraine, Marion Toforo believed more than ever in the need for young people to be open to others: “In Saint-Paul, we are all sensitive to welcome and to live in fullness. Current events show us the importance of social and cultural relations.

According to him, “We believe that young people should meet and exchange without leaving themselves and become artisans of peace. It requires a thorough knowledge of the universal language, English.”

More info

Posts. There are still a few places to start the school year: Registrations, by appointment, are open.

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