November 30, 2021


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Stéven Huitorel, English teacher who became the star of tutorials

Its last video, released on November 5, 2021, was viewed 12,000 times. Stéven Huitorel, known as “Huito”, rejects there All English expressions that use and distort the verb “to take.” (To take). With a smile on his face and a “very British” but sober look, the 39-year-old professor greets his small digital community from his living room.

This English language “emphasizes the French very much”

At his home in Morieux (22), Tutorial Pro makes his video clips, which are appreciated. On YouTube since 2015. He has received more than 150 votes, some of which have won over two million views, to the point where the English language has become “so popular” that it is “too stressful for French”, says the American group Nada Surf.

I better manage the setting, the lighting, and my staging. I learn by doing

He continues to wonder. His study does not stop congratulating him. “I do this in a traditional way, not to take myself seriously, not to become an icon! ஆரம்ப After the first years with a simple digital camera and a still shot at his 4 m² office at home, the initial hack turned out to be a poor high quality product.” Setting, Light, I manage my staging better and now, even from my sofa, I take care of the decorations. I learn by doing. I’m self-taught all my life, ”the happy teacher smiles.

In front of prisoners or future teachers

Because teaching on the Internet is not an official job or duty. Exercises, Stéven Huitorel came there with enthusiasm And should do well. In fourteen years as an English teacher at Jean Monet College in the Bronze (22), the thirty-year-old has never had both feet in the same shoe. For ten years, a native of central Brittany, he took to the horizon half a day a week, with prisoners in detention centers. For the past three years, he has been teaching on time sharing between the college and the INSPÉ (National Higher Institute for Teaching and Education) in Saint-Bruce, before tomorrow’s English teachers.

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(Telegraph / Sophie Provost)

By being creative, I question myself and I avoid boredom

“Facing and communicating is my nature. I have a wonderful job, but very impressive and difficult. Teaching does not stop at the doorstep of the classroom! By being creative, I question myself and I avoid boredom.

Self-built office in the garden

The first training in English came from frustration. “Did not succeed in removing specific student brakes by tools and school time”. “After watching a tutorial from a fifteen year old kid on YouTube” he himself learned to replace a car battery. The idea of ​​staging was not really on the program, but Steven Hooral was caught up in the game.

I have always known that this approach makes sense

In the spring of 2022, he will be filming his scenes in the brand new wooden law office. Even when self-built. And one more pride, makes him progress. “I do not know how many more exercises Huito will do. But the feedback I continue to receive from my digital community is very pleasing. My colleagues in college, my students, everyone is loving. I have always known that this approach makes sense.