June 25, 2022


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Students from two schools in Dordogne work on their English through interaction and fun!

For 5 years, students from two schools in Dordogne have been exchanging letters in English. A fun way to progress without knowing oneself

This is a class partnership for a class that has performed well over the past 5 years. Grade 6 students at Bertron de Bourne College in Perryquix interact with CM2 students at Saint-Laurent Sir Manoir on tablets and in English. Videos will be recorded and then sent to another class via a secure site.

Small challenges, stories, adults are proud of their knowledge, and younger people do not like flaws in the face of the elderly, healthy role models.

This method is very modern, inspiring and interesting, but it is serious and educational. Rather than lectures, students are invited to put into practice everything they have learned during the year, close to everyday life.

During practical exercises, students are invited to photograph themselves in order to be seen by their juniors, which is a kind of training review. It’s more modern and interactive than blackboard, and it’s still a great way to work your imagination and get rid of your shyness.

The author is definite, the word that comes up the most is “fun”. Also the sense of “learning without knowing oneself”. Another advantage of the method is that it is not direct. After recording, the children can watch themselves before sending the video to another class and, if not satisfied with their performance, can start again. An exercise in rigor and self-need.

This method will lead to a “real” meeting between the two classes, who will meet for an English match at Bertron de Bourne. For 5 years, this method worked, and the teachers noticed that the children memorized more vocabulary in the way they did this work.

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Finally, the last benefit, and not the least, was said by CM2 children: “ We understand the concept of 6th grade a little better because we’ve going there next year! “. A D-Traumaization as a Bonus.