May 16, 2022


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Syrian high school student wins national English writing competition

At just 17 years old, Lobna L. Kaizi won the National Writing Competition in the British language. Portrait of a brilliant young woman, fully integrated into the city where she was adopted.

Emotions were intense this Tuesday at Lycée Marc Bloch. Lobna El Kaisi, a 17-year-old Syrian woman who was welcomed with her family by the city of Val-de-Reuil in 2016, has won first place in the English writing competition. Her parents were proud to see their daughter prosper.

Published in Teenage Daily

A pride to his parents.

On November 24, Tatiana Gebuhrer, Lopna’s English special teacher, took her students to see an exhibition of female artists at the Luxembourg Museum in Paris. “The exhibition featured Vivian Meyer and photos Georgia O’Keefe. L1st and 12th grade students must select a photograph from the exhibition and write a text of 200 words on it.The author, who has already received the first text from the woman, explains: “Many of their texts were too long. So I asked them to give me another version, one of the first to give me Lobna. They can write from the perspective of a character or photographer in the photo. Fainted Tatiana sends a speech to the newspaper’s jury for teenagers called Speak Easy, which hosts a national competition every year. Lobna’s text later caused a stir; Selected for publication on Magazine web pages. “My text is about love, I write a lot on this subject, I like English! I chose this film because it is strong for me to see the elderly fall in love. ”Marc Bloch describes a teenager who graduated from Pierre Mendes France and Montaigne Colleges before coming to high school.

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“Glad to have represented the school! ⁇

Proud of winning the student prize, tears of joy ran down her cheeks. My parents are proud to think of me and I am glad to have represented the school. , Underscores the young woman who averages 18/20 in her special exam she wants to have next year. To reward his efforts, the editorial board presented him with a book about photographer Vivian Meyer, and the first deputy mayor, Catherine Duvallet, also presented him with some gifts. Among them: Arsenal Theater Tickets, Arcades Cinema and Swimming Pool Tickets: “She was my student in 6th grade at PMF. Catherine remembered the towel. She is a very good, caring student. She has two things in common with the photographer. Vivian is just as intelligent as she was in her shots, and she has unique talents.

The summits can be expected to be an example of successful integration for this young refugee.

Lopna’s text is available here:


True love? I thought of him, who had adjusted perfectly in my life, not only convinced me of love, but also convinced my soul mate, until he met me, that he was a lie that had been spread for generations over the years until I met him. People we like. He made us better together and he always made sure to do things that make me happy and comfortable. I listed all the obstacles and happy moments we spent together and saw the summaries that tell the story of our love, our suffering and our sacrifice. He looked at me and smiled: “I love you”, I replied to him, “I love you, too”, he said, “You’re tired, sleep on my shoulder if you want”. I leaned my head on his shoulder without hesitation and I am so grateful that he has been in my life for so many years. He is not only my husband, he is my friend, my boyfriend, my family. A woman sitting in front of us on the bus said to us: “Hello, my name is Vivian Meyer, I’m a photographer. Well, of course we agreed with her to publish it. Under the heading: SOULMATE

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True love? Not only did I believe in love, but I thought of him as a generational comedian who had been a perfect fit in my life for many years before I met him. He trusted me in loving spirits and in the sacrifices we make for the people we love. He made us better together and he always made sure to do things that make me happy. I watched it, listening to summaries that tell the story of our love, our sorrows and our sacrifices, all the obstacles and happy times we were together. I smiled when he looked at me and said ‘I love you’ and I replied ‘I love you too’ and he replied, ‘You are tired, sleep on my shoulder if you want.’ I leaned my head on his shoulder without hesitation. For so many years in my life I’m so grateful she’s there. She’s not only my husband, she’s my friend, my boyfriend, my family. She showed us the picture, it was so beautiful, we were so good at her posting it under the heading: soul mate.