May 18, 2022


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Tesla Motors, Inc.  (NASDAQ: TSLA), Dogecoin - USD (CRYPTO: $DOGE) - Elon Musk asks "Is a new platform needed?": Changing Twitter's logo from Bird to Doge will be "Sickkk"

Tesla Motors, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA), Dogecoin – USD (CRYPTO: $DOGE) – Elon Musk asks “Is a new platform needed?”: Changing Twitter’s logo from Bird to Doge will be “Sickkk”

Tesla, inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) Executive Director Elon Musk I took to Twitter on Saturday to ask if a new social media platform was needed for the challenge Twitter Inc (New York Stock Exchange: TWTR)

what happened: In a series of tweets, Musk wondered if it was time for a new platform to replace Twitter. He said the company had a unique responsibility when it came to being the primary platform for public discourse.

He went on to ask directly if it was time to create an alternative to the leader in microblogging and social networking services.

Musk also responded to a follower who said Twitter does not present both sides of the political debate fairly.

When a follower suggested Musk buy the company and change the Twitter logo from a bird to a Dogecoin (CRYPTO: dog), Musk indicated he liked the idea.

Previously, the CEO of India-based small social media platform Ko, which has been promoted as a competitor on Twitter, aligns with his views. Abramya Radhakrishnan He invited Musk to join the platform with a lengthy explanation of its decentralized approach.

Misk Poll on Twitter: In response to a Yomir Musk poll on whether Twitter adheres to the principles of free speech, a large number of his followers overwhelmingly responded with a negative answer.

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According to Musk, freedom of expression is essential to a functioning democracy. About 70% of people find Twitter stifles free speech, which is something to think about.

Musk added a word of caution in a follow-up tweet to the poll. “The results of this poll will be important. Please vote carefully,” he said.

By the way, Musk previously conducted a poll to get opinions on whether the Twitter algorithm should be open source. More than three-quarters of the respondents answered in the affirmative. Being open source will give people information about how Twitter decides what to show in its feed.

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Implications of the survey results: Musk has portrayed himself in the past as a “free speech advocate”.

Earlier this month, he revealed in a tweet that Starlink had been contacted to block news sources from Russia. While he has stated that he will not do so, the Tesla CEO said It is “absolute freedom of expression”.

Musk has also called on mainstream media companies several times in the past to… Presenting polarized and biased information.

Musk’s criticism of Twitter elicited mixed reactions from users of the platform. Someone commented that Twitter is a private company and is therefore free to set its own rules.

Another user went on to explain that Twitter is not really against free speech, and the difficulty is to distinguish between disinformation, free speech and hate speech. Twitter has left no choice but to censor a lot of posts, according to the user.

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Tesla closed Friday’s session at $1010.64, down 0.32%.

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