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'The Bachelor' Synopsis: Season End - Clayton Picks [Spoiler]

‘The Bachelor’ Synopsis: Season End – Clayton Picks [Spoiler]

BSCClayton loves all three of his women, of course – but which one he loves bone?

As Tuesday’s season finale kicks off, he’s managed to get Gabe and Rachel back into rehab, even after last night’s “rose party from hell” where they found out he was in love with both and was “intimate” with both of them too. But that’s not enough for him: he still couldn’t stop thinking about Susie, who walked out on him after hearing what he had done with the other two. (Does this guy only want what he can’t have? Very likely!)

Jesse falls for Susie, who is still a little shaky from their breakup, and tells her that Clayton is broken and he wants her. Susie agreed to see him, but when they sat down, she told Clayton how shocked she was at the way he treated her after she walked out of it. She told him, “It was humiliating.” “If you love me, how can you treat me like this?” (Great question!) He rushes to apologize and pushes her to give him a second chance: “I love you, and I don’t want to lose you.” She says she can’t make this decision at the moment, she needs to think about it again, but appreciates his apology. She leaves him alone thinking too, and he decides he wants to be with Suzy… so he needs to break things off with Gabe and Rachel. Excuse me.

The Bachelorette Clayton Gabe's Season EndClayton faces the firing squad, and sits down with both at the same time – way to save time, my friend! – and apologies for all the pain he caused them… before he tells them that his heart is with Suzy. Gabe tells him that he should have told them earlier before he left, and meekly follows him, as they dump him. “I don’t believe anything you’re saying. Not a single thing,” she declared before reprimanding him for talking about staying only to give up on them the next day. He tries to explain his sliding love scale again, but she stops him: “You seem silly actually.” He offers her to take it out, but she only disgusts him: “No.” (Gabi is for the bachelorette. No, for president).

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On the live show, Jesse told that she was in love with Clayton at the time, but “looking back, I didn’t know everything.” But now she is sure of it! They took Clayton out, and she told him how she felt “misleaded” and “betrayed” by him. He muttered his way through a lukewarm apology, and it looks like he’s already beaten up already. Tonight just started!

Rachel the end of the Bachelor seasonReturning to Iceland, Clayton returns to console Rachel, questioning him about his definition of love, tearfully recounting how he led her and asking her to fight for them just to cut her off. “When you look at this, this will haunt you,” she predicts, between tears. She told him as he took her out: “She has abandoned us.” (Does anyone keep track of how many times Clayton said “sorry” tonight?) “He never liked me.”

Rachel’s father was sulking in the crowd as she joined the live show to talk about how she was “shocked” by Clayton’s actions. (“He couldn’t even break up with us separately.”) She no longer had feelings for him after watching him “disrespect her” and Gabby like that, and when he comes out, she scolds him for how “selfish” he was. He threw her several more “sorry” words, which are just white noise at the moment, and she replied, “I just don’t believe you.” I asked him frankly: Did he tell her he loved her just to sleep with her? He says no, that’s how he felt at that time. Live the moment guys!

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The finale rose to the final season of Bachelor SusieWell, two down, one to go: Clayton has now set his sights on Susie, the girl he loves most (for now), and has Neil Lane’s engagement ring sealed and loaded. He sent Suzy a very long message with a lot of “sorry”, inviting her to join him in Game of thronesA barn for the final rose ceremony. She agrees to meet him, and splits into a big smile when he sees her arrive. He goes off on a huge talk about how much he wants to make a life with her, and asks her to try it again. She told him she loved his message and believed every word of it… but… “I don’t feel the kind of love I have for you now is the kind of love I have for you now.” She decided to leave Iceland alone, and when he asked if there was any chance of getting back together, she shut him down: “I feel like it’s over.” She’s driving — and Clayton became the first Bachelor ever to be turned down at a recent rose party. ouch.

But there is a twist! Clayton tells live audience that after he got home, someone called him: Yes, it was Susie! Womp-womp. She came out and insisted that leaving Iceland was “the best decision I could have made”, but that they had time to think about things back home. She ended the suspense: “This is my friend,” she laughs. our end…? She tells him that she loves him, and they seem very similar together. “We all make mistakes,” she says, and expects some “backlash” from the audience, but she hopes people will root for those mistakes. Well, good luck with that! Clayton stops proposing, but will move to Virginia to be with her. He exits the stage to collect the final rose bound by the contract, and she accepts it with a kiss. Yes, great, whatever.

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Gabe and Rachel got a consolation award, though: they would be The next bachelorette Together or together! Let’s just hope they never fall in love with the same guy again.

Well, Bachelor Nation, time to have your say: Who should have ended Clayton (if anyone)? Vote in our poll, and hit the comments to share your thoughts in the post.