June 26, 2022


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The Blues advanced in sterling, but the Englishman put pressure on Tussauds

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Seven years ago, Raheem Sterling left his training club Liverpool and rocked the kingdom to join Okre Manchester City in the XXL deal for over மில்லியன் 60 million. Seven years later, the England international could spark rumors of a transfer again. After being persuaded by Barசாa last summer, the 27-year-old winger finally took his troubles patiently and convinced Pep Cardiola of his usefulness again, taking part in 47 meetings in all competitions, scoring 17 goals and nine assists. But a year after his contract expires, the door to his club exit will not close.

Sterling to London?

According to information from and The sun, Chelsea will position themselves as favorites to protect their services. The Blues, recently acquired by American billionaire Ted Bohley, should go on the offensive, but citizens do not want to give up so easily. The media is estimated at 70 million euros. Also, the player is waiting for the guarantee of German technician Thomas Toussaint. If he lands in London, it will not be for a substitute role, but rather for a starting position. Recently, it was announced at the departure of Christian Pulisick that Sterling’s arrival could trigger a game of musical chairs in the Blues’ offensive field. In the meantime, new owners want to impose their style and a choice is the best way to sign their arrival.


Raheem Sterling, Manchester City’s England striker, could move from Chelsea to the Blues, but he wants Toussaint’s guarantee. He wants to come to London in the clothes of a holder.