May 18, 2022


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The brain of the horrible group Lapsus $ is an English teenager who lives with his mother

Of hackers Ticket $ Do not stop surprising us. According to BloombergInterviewed by several security analysts, the brain of this group – attacked, among others, Nvidia, Samsung, Microsoft and Octa – A 16-year-old man living with his mother near Oxford, England.
The young man, nicknamed “White” or “Breezepace”, was allegedly victimized by rival hackers for leaking personal information (Doxing) His name, address and his parents’ data would thus have been completed on the Internet.

A reporter Bloomberg Went to see the place and was able to exchange some words with the young hacker’s mother. But she did not want to talk about her son. British law enforcement also did not comment on the case. A second member of the Lapsus $ group is said to have been identified by security researchers. He will live in Brazil and will be a teenager again.

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The young age of the alleged members of Lapsus $ explains some of the unusual methods they use. Unlike other groups that specialize in extortion, Lapsus $ communicates a lot about its hacks, especially through its telegram feed and makes a lot of noise. “He was not trying to cover his tracks.”Find the Microsoft security researchers who codenamed this group DEV-0537.

In addition, Lapsus $ hackers do not hesitate to take certain risks, such as doing social engineering over the phone or recruiting moles within target companies to gain internal access. Also, not every intrusion requires a redemption request. Sometimes, the group releases stolen data directly, which is very rare among professional cybercriminals, often attracted by the lure of profit.

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A real war machine

Although the functional security of Lapsus $ is very low, the technical level of its members, on the other hand, is quite impressive. The Oxford young man is said to be working very fast, the researchers interviewed Bloomberg Initially I thought it was an automated script. But these almost inhumane skills do not help him for other events. Because the judicial rope is now tightening around him.

Proof : Bloomberg