May 20, 2022


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The British can now return to France without any hindrance

Jean-Luc Boujon (in La Plagne), edited by Solene Leroux
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07:09, January 23, 2022

The announcement sparked more than one smile last week: the British can now return to France without any hindrance. This is especially good news for mountaineers, as the British represent the vast majority of ski enthusiasts and customers of French alpine resorts.

Behind the mask, it’s a big smile, especially La Blockne, Savoy. They were not there for Christmas, it was shown on the streets of the city. Because the Sawyard Resort is a favorite of the English, they typically represent 20% attendance in the winter. To the mayor, Jean-Luc Boch, Find British customers, So this is the “best news”. “La Plagne tens of thousands of English people come to see us every week. Today, they are coming back and we are very happy to welcome them,” he assured Europe 1’s microphone.

Also, there have been more and more calls from across the channel in recent days. Sybille de Monvallier, of Oxygène, a real estate company, confirms that “we make reservations from English customers who return every day”. “A lot of advice, a lot of energy, a lot of desire,” he explains.

Happy customer

In restaurants, too, we rejoice in this revenue. “We look forward to them, we love them, they are very happy human beings. We get along well with them. They create the perfect atmosphere,” explains Stephen Cryatox, boss of Les Cocos, located at the foot of the slopes. “What’s more, they are good consumers. They drink beer on the terrace or when the weather is good inside.” And the English do not see cost in his experience: “They want to enjoy what they want, and above all have fun.”

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Every year, the economic impact of English customers French ski areas Estimated at one billion euros.